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Jan Strach – Jan Pierwszy Starszy

Artist: Jan Strach Title: Jan Pierwszy Starszy Keywords: rock casio experimental lo-fi netlabel day odd meter polska progressive Poznań Jan Strach had been searching for style, his own style, even though everything that we have heard from Jan Strach certainly … Continue reading

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Jan Strach – 2016

artist: Jan Strach title: 2016 keywords: polish rock experimental lo-fi odd meter polska pop post-punk progressive Poznań Jan Strach is leveling his music up a lot of notches with the release of his latest EP. In general it’s a hot … Continue reading

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Jan Strach – Roots Of Hau

artist: Jan Strach title: Roots Of Hau keywords: rock casio experimental jan strach lo-fi odd meter poland polska poznań progressive underpolen Poznań video animation One of the most underrated but personally enormously beloved video animations on the internet is one … Continue reading

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Clown Vomit – Instrumental Vomit

artist: Clown Vomit title: Instrumental Vomit keywords: experimental odd time signatures rock ambient free improvisation heavy insane instrumental jazz noise progressive Denver reviewer: Willem van O. ‘It is vomit’ is the actual first music that seems to hobble over hills … Continue reading

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Ili Pika – Epikany

Artist: Ili Pika title: Epikany keywords: alternative, experimental, avant-garde, clarinet, drums, duet, free improvisation, odd, strange, weird, woodwind reviewer: Intoxicated Theo To get into the mood for the big slaughter of a rabbit, turkey and peacock for our non-vegetarian friendly … Continue reading

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Akcja Zorganizowanej Przecietnosci – To Tylko Test

artist: Akcja Zorganizowanej Przecietnosci title: To Tylko Test keywords:electronic,odd, time signatures, Polish, collage, eclectic,pop label: Underpolen http://underpolen.bandcamp.com/ Jan Strach is an artist of all trades, but recently my eyes have certainly followed his works as a animator and music video … Continue reading

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Matt Howell – Matt’s Happy Good Time Bible Hour

Artist: Matt Howell title: Matt’s Happy Good Time Bible Hour keywords: Christian, comedy, songs, experimental, odd reviewer: Otto ‘clueless’ Schnachtklubber Matt Howell is coming across as someone who actually reads the bible, there aren’t a lot of them around; and … Continue reading

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Various Artists – vk_lobit portable

artists: Various Artists title: vk_lobit portable keywords: lobit, electronic, experimental, Russian, weird, odd The 4th compilation of the lobit collective community group that is called VK_lobit had hit the internet a while ago. This time they have brought a collection … Continue reading

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