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Siksa – „Punk Ist Tot”

artist: Siksa title: „Punk Ist Tot” keywords: alternative girls just wanna have fun punk live performance performance performance poetry punk riot grrl riotgrrl spoken word Poland Review By: Jan Strach Why the German title? Because this is a (great quality) … Continue reading

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Marla Mase – Miracles: Lost & Found

Artist: Marla mase title: Miracles: Lost & Found keywords: alternative rock, pop, spoken word, poetry, singer, songwriter, psychedelic Label: True Groove Records https://www.facebook.com/TrueGrooveGlobalSoulMusic/ Marla Mase’s upcoming album is one for people with a rich imagination, attracting individual minds that prefer colorful thoughts … Continue reading

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Marrach / Bad Poet / Chtin Mara – Opus Oratorium

Artists: Marrach / Bad Poet / Chtin Mara Title: Opus Oratorium Keywords: raw, dark schizoid off-beats, robotic voodoo, autistic terror, animal instincts, etc. label: Enough Records http://enoughrecords.scene.org/ If there was a recipe for a dream team then the ingredients would … Continue reading

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Robin Stroop – Een atypische verhouding

Artist: Robin Stroop title: Een atypische verhouding keywords: delft experimental robin stroop spoken word dotje dutch gesproken woorden mixtape poedel seen. jenny hval Leiden label: Smikkelbaard http://smikkelbaard.bandcamp.com I have heard and seen ‘Een atypische verhouding’ by Robin Stroop sitting on … Continue reading

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Id M Theft Able – “A ♥ Named Spooky”

artist: Id M Theft Able title: A ♥ Named Spooky keywords: dating, romance, ballads, experimental, friendship, friendly, OKcupid is a dating site that probably is named after the ‘okay’ sign people in the old days would give to the flying … Continue reading

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Chun-liang Liu – Friction

artist: Chun-liang Liu title: Friction keywords: experimental acapella field recordings Melbourne label: Shame File Music Chun-liang Liu’s ‘Friction’ is coming across as a personal adventure, somehow balancing between a warm heart, going mentally over board, escaping, exploring and having the … Continue reading

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Chip The Black Boy – Am I Weird?

artist: Chip The Black Boy title: Am I Weird? keywords: rap, hip-hop, bass, beat, words, vocals, poetry, word-art, weird, electronic, experimental, spoken word, video Am I Weird by Chip The Black Boy asks the question, you as a viewer and … Continue reading

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