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Lerin / Hystad – Moon Jelly

Artists: Lerin / Hystad Title: Moon Jelly Keywords: electronic, jazz, post rock, electronica, dance, drum, happy, psychedelic, video Label: extemporaneous recordings http://www.extemporaneousrecordings.com Hold your horses! Calm yourself down! The full album by marvelous mavericks’ duo Lerin & Hystad will be … Continue reading

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The Dollar Compre$ors – 2 temas (EP}

Artist: The Dollar Compre$ors Title: 2 temas (EP} Keywords: experimental, post-punk, post-rock, Mendoza Label: Adaptator The Dollar Compre$ors will bring the sun with them wherever they play or perform. So if you had been wandering where the sun had gone; … Continue reading

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Koyl – Fingerprints

Artist: Koyl title: Fingerprints keywords: experimental ambient drone post-rock shoegaze Sanford label: Silber Records http://www.silbermedia.com/ “Koyl comes to Silber with five songs in five minutes, one about each finger. But are the fingers originally on one hand or are they … Continue reading

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Tilted Axes – Music For Mobile Guitars

Artist: Tilted Axes Title: Music For Mobile Guitars Keywords: post-rock, alternative, art rock, experimental Website: http://tiltedaxes.net/tiltedaxes.html Tilted Axes is a project created by composer / performer Patrick Grant, it markets itself as a processional event and an ensemble of electric … Continue reading

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Elk Minister – Into The Void Of Emptiness

Artist: Elk Minister Title: Into The Void Of Emptiness Keywords: #hardrock #progressive rock #avant-garde #improvisation #psychedelic experimental progressive rock experimental rock odd time post-rock psychedelic rock Denver Website: http://elkminister.com/ Elk Minister is cooking up an album that will hit the … Continue reading

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Gintas K – Dimensions

Artist: Gintas K title: Dimensions keywords: experimental lithuania strange music elecroacoustic jazz and improvised music musique concrete noise post-rock Moscow format: limited cd / digital label: Frozen Light Label http://www.frzl.ru/ Gintas K clearly knows it’s dimensions and by recording them … Continue reading

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Vlimmer – lll​/​llll (Limited Edition Box)

artist: Vlimmer title: lll/llll (Limited Edition Box) keywords: ambient berlin electronic alexander leonard donat darkwave drone gothic indie noise post-punk post-rock shoegaze synthpop synthwave wave Königs Wusterhausen label: Blackjack Illuminist Records Are you happy and ready to be sad? Is … Continue reading

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