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Marbles – Angry Angry Organs

Artist: Marbles title: Angry Angry Organs keywords: alternative experimental avant-garde experimental electronic noise sculpture noisescape noisescapes strange symphonic prog Vatican City If you have lost your marbles the search is over; as here they are again. And these lovely marbles … Continue reading

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Material Action – Still Life

Artist: Material Action title: Still Life keywords: composition, cosmic, wave, electro, electronic, funk, improvisation, post-industrial, prog, progressive, soundtrack, Springfield Forget about Madonna’s Material Girl, and why not forget (temporarily) of the wonderful electronic music of Material Action. Material Action just … Continue reading

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Brother Android – Black Gate 3.5” Floppy Disk

Artist: Brother Android title: Black Gate 3.5” Floppy Disk keywords: electronic, atmospheric, chip, chiptune, lo-fi, prog, Austin reviewer: Fred Oppy The Black Gate is where contradictions – high fidelity and low fidelity, dark and light, minimalism, maximalism, repetition, variation, simplicity, … Continue reading

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Rogue Spore – Ghost Injera Dialogues (RS6)

Artist: Rogue Spore Title: Ghost Injera Dialogues Label: N/A Catalog #: RS6 Keywords: Electronic, Experimental, Prog Reviewer: RTF Songs with strange titles Bubble briskly, swirl, and float Makes one’s mind tingle http://roguespore.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-injera-dialogues-rs6-2013

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Ask An Adult – Ask An Adult (None)

Artist: Ask An Adult Title: Ask An Adult Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Rock, Energetic, Jazz-Funk, Progressive Reviewer: Alex Spalding There are a lot of things I learned from watching film adaptations of Stephen King novels. That getting a blowjob … Continue reading

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Radio For The Daydreamers – Denouement (None)

Artist: Radio For The Daydreamers Title: Denouement Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Experimental, Acoustic, Ambient, Avant-Garde, Cinematic, Soundscape, Classical, Dark Jazz, Trip Hop Reviewer: Alex Spalding Awhile back we at Yeah I Know It Sucks reviewed an album by Radio … Continue reading

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Thanatoloop & Har – El Retrato (Siro533)

Artists: Thanatoloop & Har Title: El Retrato Label: Sirona-Records Cat#: Siro533 Keywords: Ambient, Drone, Free Jazz, Industrial, Avant-Prog Reviewer: Alex Spalding As part of our continuing mission to review every piece of music ever written without a barcode on it … Continue reading

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Iranon – Painting The Sound (Siro152)

Artist: Iranon Title: Painting The Sound Catnmbr: Siro152 Label: Sirona-Records Keywords: Electronica, Other Reviewer: Alex Spalding This was not a recommendation… I used the AURYN to wish for an awesome album to review from the Sirona label and this was … Continue reading

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