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Emily Jones – Geeches of the Sea / Paper Bees

artist: Emily Jones title: Geeches of the Sea / Paper Bees keywords: alternative experimental pop folk geech geeches indie pop melodic ocean pop psychedelia psychedelic sea silly strange surreal Truro Emily Jones Is so kind and nice to give us … Continue reading

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The Tara Experiment – Noise

Artist: The Tara Experiment title: Noise keywords: electronic, radiophonic, experimental, hauntology, minimal wace, modular synthesizer, musique concrete, psychedelia, radiophonic, vintage, electronica, United States Without counting 1,2,3,4 the Tara experiment starts to feed anyone who tunes in with illustrious synthesizer loops … Continue reading

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Fabio Crivellaro – INTERNET TRASH vol. 1

Artist: Fabio Crivellaro title: INTERNET TRASH vol. 1 keywords: experimental, breakcore, gabber, industrial, lo-fi, techno, noise, noise-hop, psychedelia, rotten beats, Latina Fabio Crivellaro makes a lot of things, and that means a lot of trash.. Now he decided it was … Continue reading

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The Tara Experiment – Christmas in the Observatory

Artist: The Tara Experiment title: Christmas in the Observatory keywords: Christmas, earthgirl, electronic, radiophonic, ambient, electronic, analog, synthesizer, experimental, musique concrete, psychedelia, tape, loops, experiment Before listening to the latest release of The Tara Experiment, it is recommended to know … Continue reading

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Galactic Kaleidoscope – Revolutions Of The Modern Age

Artist: Galactic Kaleidoscope title: Revolutions Of The Modern Age keywords: electronic, experimental, psychedelia, shoegaze reviewer: unavailable With a shiny lose hand that sticks fingers inside a metallic looking skull’s eye sockets on the front cover, it is a clear suggestion … Continue reading

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Standard Issue Press – 2014 Sampler

Artists: Standard Issue Press title: 2014 Sampler keywords: experimental, new York label: Standard Issue Press A compilation aka sampler of all what Standard Issue Press is offering in the year 2014. Let’s begin with the beginning, work ourselves through the … Continue reading

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Totalitny Rezim – Closed Ward Memories

Artist: Totalitny Rezim title: Closed Ward Memories cat: Siro682 keywords: Experimental / Industrial / Noise / Field Recordings / Other label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com/ Totalitny Rezim is an anti-all dada industrial noise collective. The group consist of Adolf Hypnotic Jagelsson, Artmiso … Continue reading

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