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Project-TO – I Hope

artist: Project-TO title: I Hope keywords: electronic, psychedelic, trance, electric, live, video, visuals, Italy website: http://www.project-to.com/ Project-TO is a collaboration between Riccardo Mazza (a sound experimenter, researcher of psychoacoustics and professor at the school for Advanced Musical studies in Saluzzo  … Continue reading

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Projekt Luty – Dygnitarz

artist: Projekt Luty title: Dygnitarz keywords: alternative diy electronic experimental rock garage rock krautrock lo-fi poland polska poznan psychedelic Poznań label: underpolen Projekt Luty is (If I understood it well) a project that has one of the first distinctive rules … Continue reading

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Elk Minister – Into The Void Of Emptiness

Artist: Elk Minister Title: Into The Void Of Emptiness Keywords: #hardrock #progressive rock #avant-garde #improvisation #psychedelic experimental progressive rock experimental rock odd time post-rock psychedelic rock Denver Website: http://elkminister.com/ Elk Minister is cooking up an album that will hit the … Continue reading

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Leafy Suburbs – Psychic Lease

Artist: Leafy Suburbs title: Psychic Lease keywords: experimental house ambient concrete dub glitch mindscape noise psychedelic drone soundscape Perth Leafy Suburbs is the name Lyndon Blue uses to make his music under. His Psychic Lease release is the most resent … Continue reading

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Erasers – Stem Together

artist: Erasers title: Stem Together keywords: world Perth Today one of our favorite artists ‘Furchick’ recommended enthusiastically to listen to Erasers, a Australian band from Perth that will tour New Zealand pretty soon. Glad she actually pointed out where to … Continue reading

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The S&M Accidental Orchestra – Live At Lime Wharf – (London 2016)

artist: The S&M Accidental Orchestra title: Live At Lime Wharf – (London 2016) keywords: abstract, avant-garde, improvisation, experimental music, ambient, musique concrète, noise, tape music, minimalism, acousmatic music, sound sculpture, psychedelic, soundscape, sound art, dark ambient, cinematic, label: hortus conclusus … Continue reading

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Post​-​Materialists​/​Gargamelek – “My Jazz – My Vibes”

artists: Post-Materialists/Gargamelek title: “My Jazz – My Vibes” keywords: albert ayler experimental diy record label free jazz label noise-rock parody post-materialists psychedelic sun ra Moscow label: Post-Materialization Music Good vibes are all around us. And on the round split record … Continue reading

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Consistency Nature – Silent Thalia

artist: Consistency Nature title: Silent Thalia keywords: experimental, psychedelic, sound, avantgarde, noise, drone, ambient, folk, video, dancing, video, movie, label: Sirona-Records http://www.sirona-records.com/ It might have been a very long time since we discussed the music of an extra ordinary character … Continue reading

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Kordian Trudny – Dobry pedofil

artist: Kordian Trudny title: Dobry pedofil keywords:alternative avant-pop electronic experimental indie lo-fi outsider music plunderphonics po polsku polish post-punk psychedelic psychedelic rock Katowice artist on the web:  http://www.facebook.com/kordiantrudny Kordian Trudny, from Katowice Poland. As description of his music on his … Continue reading

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VAN TRIER’s cloud of sounds

Renee Van Trier is an artist of many kinds, she does so many things (from performances, photography, videos, acting…) that we almost forget that she is also a refined experimentalist in music and song making! Luckily Van Trier has a … Continue reading

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