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The Male Tears – The Male Tears

Artist: The Male Tears Title: The Male Tears Keywords: indie, rock, post punk, punk rock The Male Tears might have different genes or anatomy then The Female Tears, but that doesn’t hold them back to start a rock band. Can … Continue reading

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Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos – KASSETTE

Artists: Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos title: KASSETTE keywords: alternative, Manchester, UK, US, indie, rock, lofi, psychedelic, punk, punk rock, shoegaze, label: Small Bear http://www.smallbearrecords.com/ Schizo Fun Addict is putting themselves in the hot flames of the fire to … Continue reading

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Millie Manders – Teddy

artist: Millie Manders title: Teddy keywords: singer songwriter, party hard, ska, pop, punk-rock, fusion, website: http://www.milliemanders.co.uk YouTube; Sometimes you just hop from one place to another, most of the times it’s unfruitful but sometimes you stumble upon the greatest things. … Continue reading

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The Chewers – The Lurk

Artist: The Chewers title: The Lurk keywords: experimental, art rock, avant rock, avant-garde, blues, experimental, rock, noise rock, punk rock, weird, Nashville You might have heard of ‘The Chewers’ before, but did you ever see them? Today within this post … Continue reading

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Kohdai Hirabayashi – I’m Very Happy EP

artist: Kohdai Hirabayashi title: I’m Very Happy EP keywords: alternative, acid, F***, acid folk, experimental, happy, hippie, hippy, lo-f, progressive, punk rock, Japan reviewer: Happy Harry No idea what these happy people are on, they cough a lot so it … Continue reading

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Taiwan Bungalow – Le jour de ma mort

artist: Taiwan Bungalow title: Le jour de ma mort keywords: punk, punk rock, French, video Thanks to the French Sirona-records label owner Arnaud Barbe sharing enthusiastically a music video of a band that stars a work colleague of him; you can … Continue reading

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Ashley Reaks – This Is Planet Grot

Artist: Ashley Reaks title: This Is Planet Grot keywords: punk, experimental, dub, hardcore, improvisation, old school punk, post punk, punk-punk, hardcore punk, punk-rock reviewer: Willem van O. Ashley Reaks just dropped a punk album that is one not of your … Continue reading

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