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Black Boss – Hood Stories

Artist: Black Boss title: Hood Stories keywords: electronic, lobit, dance, rave label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/ As the world is going to the shits and devils are ruling the masses, it’s good to know that our loyal friends over at the 20kbps … Continue reading

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Artist: R10T title: DIGITAL RIOT keywords: big beat drum & bass electronic ambient electronic industrial rave Toronto website: http://www.r10tproject.com/ With the sound almost crushed into the realm of distortion DIGITAL RIOT Kicks in with stiff electronic beats that quickly escalate … Continue reading

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Microbit Project – In Acid

Artist: Microbit Project title: In-Acid keywords: acid, techno, rave, lobit, lowbit, rate, lofi, techno, dance, electronic, underground, free, netlabel, netrelease, raving, groove, psychedelic label: L0BIT https://l0bit.wordpress.com/ Evgenij V. Kharitonov is one person from Russia that single handedly changed the world … Continue reading

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Bottlesmoker – Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix

Artist: Bottlesmoker title: Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix keywords: electronic, Indonesia, bottlesmoker, electronica, experimental,chiptune,hypnagogic, pop, remix, Sounthend On Sea artist website: http://www.bottlesmoker.asia/ label: Wrieuw Recordsings https://wrieuwrecordings.bandcamp.com/ Hello and welcome at another ‘review’, or perhaps better described as an … Continue reading

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DJ Gymswap – Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub

Artist: DJ Gymswap title: Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub keywords: 90s, comedy, cover, mashup, vaporwave, breakcore, joke,jungle,remix,rave,soundclown,tekno,Netherlands DJ Gymswap is a bit like that French Chef from the muppet show without being French. He scoops his ingredients from all over … Continue reading

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Logosamphia : Unmasked!

There are very few producers out there who have such a massive impact on popular culture like the one named ‘Logosamphia’. He stands proudly in the Guinness Book of records as producer with the biggest shadow, and with this shadow … Continue reading

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Pink Punk Boy – What The Fuck Is Sweetcore?

artist: Pink Punk Boy title: What The Fuck Is Sweetcore? cat: DCRPS065 keywords: sweetcore, hardtek, rave, horrorcore, dancecore, mashcore, rave, gabber, happy hardcore, sad hardcore label: Dance Corps http://www.dancecorps.net reviewer: Mark X What the fuck is sweetcore? I guess Pink … Continue reading

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irrlicht project – Bit Shit Vol. 1

artist: irrlicht project title: Bit Shit Vol. 1 keywords: 1 bit, bit music, chiptunes, rave, electronic, rock, experimental, ZX Spectrum, 1-bit irrlicht project is considered among my bit friends quite a genius, his knowledge of technical workings, his fascination for … Continue reading

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2nnt – Portal of Psyclopsidae

Artist :2nnt title: Portal of Psyclopsidae cat: Siro730 keywords: psychedelic, trance, IDM, electronica, breakbeat label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com/ words by: Acid Pete People gather in fields, open lands in a dense forest, somewhere on an island and at other places.. It … Continue reading

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Munter S Thomson – WASTE

Artist: Munter S Thomson Title: WASTE keywords: electronic, breakcore, cockrockdisco, electronic, jungle, rave label: Nam Shub Of Enki http://namshubofenki.bandcamp.com When Munter S Thomson claims to have wasted one year on making ‘WASTE’, you’d better pay attention. It’s like when people … Continue reading

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