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Smooth4Lyfe – Video Game Remixes Vol. 3

Artist: Smooth4Lyfe title: Video Game Remixes Vol. 3 keywords: edm electronic hip hop club electronic dance music electronica hip hop remix vgm videogame music Silver Spring At first I was skeptical, as it was almost too much of a good … Continue reading

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Consistency Nature – Silent Thalia

Artist: Consistency Nature title: Silent Thalia keywords: Ambient, Soundscape, Drone, Noise, Experimental, Rework, Remaster, Remix, Conclusion label: Sirona-Records Consistency Nature is back with a long lasting album that will be there forever to impress. It must be one of the … Continue reading

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Julianna Barwick – Matrimony Remixes

Artist: Julianna Barwick Title: Matrimony Remixes keywords: alias pail ambient diplo indie remix Brooklyn artist website: http://www.juliannabarwick.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. Julianna Barwick brings a very friendly, slow case of fantasy based music with ‘Vow’. It is material you should … Continue reading

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Various Artists – True Fuckin’ Blue – The Noise Tribute to Madonna

artists: Various Artists title: True Fuckin’ Blue – The Noise Tribute to Madonna keywords: experimental ambient drone harsh noise industrial madonna madonna covers madonna remix midwest noise power electronics Leavenworth reviewer: Perez Holtin What a wonderful morning it must be … Continue reading

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Swin Deorin – Solipsism

Artist: Swin Deorin title: Solipsism cat: SDx23 keywords: 80’s, alternative, avant-garde, experimental, other, relaxation, weird, arpeggios, free download, free music, outsider music, remix, Scotland, synthesizer, United Kingdom With the latest album of Swin Deorin of the year you bet the … Continue reading

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Bottlesmoker – Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix

Artist: Bottlesmoker title: Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix keywords: electronic, Indonesia, bottlesmoker, electronica, experimental,chiptune,hypnagogic, pop, remix, Sounthend On Sea artist website: http://www.bottlesmoker.asia/ label: Wrieuw Recordsings https://wrieuwrecordings.bandcamp.com/ Hello and welcome at another ‘review’, or perhaps better described as an … Continue reading

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DJ Gymswap – Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub

Artist: DJ Gymswap title: Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub keywords: 90s, comedy, cover, mashup, vaporwave, breakcore, joke,jungle,remix,rave,soundclown,tekno,Netherlands DJ Gymswap is a bit like that French Chef from the muppet show without being French. He scoops his ingredients from all over … Continue reading

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