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Crever – Konstruktivist

Artist: Crever Title: Konstruktivist Keywords: ambient ebm electronic experimental industrial noise rhythmic noise The Netherlands Crever spews out the sound like smoke from a smoke machine. Once the ears are full fog Crever hits the slow warrior drum into the … Continue reading

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Artist: GIUSY L@ [DINGUE] title: ANACHRONI[S]M Keywords: Power Noise / Noisescape / Electronica Artist on the web: http://soundcloud.com/dj-giusy-la-dingue Label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com GIUSY L@ [DINGUE] is a French producer who knows how to combine noise and rhythm and how to shape … Continue reading

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Joseph Strength Audio – Room For More Sound

Artist: Joseph Strength Audio title: Room For More Sound format: CD / digital keywords: experimental everything w yrself in the middle    Breakcore, Drum n Bass, Gabber, Spoken Word, Power Electronics, Rhythmic Noise label: FUCK YR BODY UP https://fuckyrbodyup.bandcamp.com/ A … Continue reading

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Neighbours Hunters – Self-Titled ((ACP 1024)

Artist: Neighbours Hunters Title: Neighbours Hunters Label: Attenuation Circuit Catalog #: ACP 1024 Keywords: Rhythmic Noise, Industrial Reviewer: RTF Death machine disco Catchy wasteland funk nightmare Last dance on our graves http://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/neighbours-hunters

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Leiche Rustikal – Atra Bi… (NJMP3-0188)

Artist: Leiche Rustikal Title: Atra Bi… Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0188 Keywords: Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, Experimental, Ambient Reviewer: Alex Spalding By request, and from the annals of Noise-Joy history, here is a review of a 3-track EP titled Atra Bi… that … Continue reading

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Schemawound – Terraform Mars (None)

Artist: Schemawound Title: Terraform Mars Label: xylem Records Cat#: None Keywords: Ambient, Electronica, Algorithmic Reviewer: Alex Spalding *Alex stands on the planet Mars* Jeez… what a dump! *kicks a rock* It’s time for the red planet to go green, already. … Continue reading

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Hypnozyl – Topsyturvydom “Best Off” (NJMP3-0333)

Artist: Hypnozyl Title: Topsyturvydom “Best Off” Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0333 Keywords: EBM, Rhythmic Noise, Glitch, Hard Trance, Tech House, Hardcore, Experimental, Hip Hop Reviewer: Alex Spalding Where hard trance and rhythmic noise intersect, there is… Hypnozyl. And no one else … Continue reading

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Subterrestrial – insert coin

artist: subterrestrial title: insert coin cat: 4m@098 keywords: lobit, experimental, chiptune, rhytmic noise, floppypop, label: 4m@ Records http://www.proc-records.net/INDEX2.html subterrestrial has something for the alternative chiptune lover. A nice release that covers minimal experimental electronic chiptune flop in the shape of a … Continue reading

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Motor 166 – Sell Your Soul To The One You Love Most (NJMP3-0116)

Artist: Motor 166 Title: Sell Your Soul To The One You Love Most Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0116 Keywords: Noise, Spoken Word, Krautrock, Avantgarde, Electro, Experimental Reviewer: Alex Spalding This is an album we received at Noise-Joy land from Motor 166 … Continue reading

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Dingle – Bitches Get Glitches

artist: Dingle title: Bitches Get Glitches cat: RR.126 label: Robo Robotica http://roborobotica.wordpress.com/ Bitches get glitches and they cant wish to get it in a better format than the reworks of Evil Robot Ted by the magical touch of Dingle. If … Continue reading

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