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Lien VΦD – Thee Buddha

artist: Lien VΦD title: Thee Buddha keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient experimental field recording field recordings noise psychedelic ritual shaman Wolfsberg artist website: http://www.lien-void.info/ Experimental music maker, traveler and psychedelic transgender artist Lien VΦD is back with a very interesting … Continue reading

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Selma Raziel – Ontologia I

Artist: Selma Raziel title: Ontologia I format: cassette / digital keywords: alternative, experimental, binaural, beats, ritual, spoken word, Krakow, Poland The first track on this album is named ‘parasomnie’ and transports us instantly inside a boiler room in which an … Continue reading

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Witch House (an insider/outsider look + recommendations)

Witch House (an insider look + recommendations) words by: Willem van O. & secret Witch House informant. Witch House is a house full of witches.’ Think that series that you’ve never have seen ‘Full House’ with all cast members (even … Continue reading

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Tommaso Busatto – UYUY

Artist: Tommaso Busatto title: UYUY keywords: electronic, experimental, ritual, ambient, drone, experimental, noise, other, post-punk, tribal, Venice The art of saying things with music is one that Tommaso Busatto has high up his cv. His track ‘Floating Head’ is such … Continue reading

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Ak’chamel, the giver of illness – My Form Has Been Extinguised

artist: Ak’chamel, the giver of illness title: My Form Has Been Extinguished format: VHS tape (limited edition) keywords: shadow music, video,Experimental, avant-garde, chants, dark, folk, lo-fi, occult, psychedelic, ritual, loops website: http://akchamel.bandcamp.com/ label: Lightenup Sounds http://lightenupsounds.blogspot.com/ If you are willing … Continue reading

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The Merricks – Hand

artist: The Merricks title: Hand keywords:  experimental, dark, electro, noise, psychedelic, ritual A helping hand is a good find! And if it is one that belongs to The Merricks and got all it’s fingers still in tact, it could be … Continue reading

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The Merricks – 3 colors black

artist: The Merricks title: 3 colors black keywords: experimental, dark electro, noise, psychedelic, ritual For the discovery of the coolest shit in the world, there is absolutely no need to leave your house. That is if you have an internet … Continue reading

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Reisebüro86 – Lepisma Saccharina (ASR096)

Artist: Reisebüro86 Title: Lepisma Saccharina Label: Altered State Reflections Catalog #: 096 Keywords: Experimental, Noise, Ritual, Dark Ambient Reviewer: RTF Hungary’s Normal Gergely is likely better known for his dark, beautiful, and macabre album cover illustrations for bands all across … Continue reading

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