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Raw Moans – Safe Sex

Artist: Raw Moans title: Safe Sex keywords: electronic, synthesizer, pop, love, sexy Oh my goodness, synthpop orgasms are coming your way when plugged into the music of Raw Moans. The satisfaction of those synthesizer melodies pumping, slowly arousing your pleasure … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Midnight Radio Valentines Day Edition 2016

artists: various title: Midnight Radio Valentines Day Edition 2016 keywords: alternative experimental ambient dark ambient experimental electronic industrial Germany Valentine’s day, a day made famous by B.J. Snowden and Cupid. On this day in 2016 artists from all over the … Continue reading

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Nicole Magdalena – Exit The Lagoon

Artist: Nicole Magdalena title: Exit The Lagoon keywords: alternative, folk, rock, acoustic, chillout, classical, experimental, rock, piano, romantic, London, singer songwriter Nicole Magdalena released her sing and songwriter debut: Under the plain looking black and white album photo cover hides … Continue reading

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Cryovolcano – 008

Artist: Cryovolcano title: 008 cat: DER021 format: Floppy Disk label: Diskette Etikette Rekords http://www.disketteetikette.tk In the time that ‘Cryovolcano’ aka ‘the lobit gothfather’ was still called ‘Cryovolcano’ (nowadays it’s ‘The Cryovolcano’) a brilliant must have chapter in the producers oeuvre … Continue reading

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Joe DeGeorge: Sax Machine – Made To Be Lovin

Artist: Joe DeGeorge: Sax Machine title: Made To Be Lovin Keywords: love, mood, romantic, sax, saxophone, saxy, saxmachine, romance reviewer: Dom Domes Tissues are filling the floor of my reviewer’s office; the walls are covered of printed out photos of … Continue reading

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