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Whales – The Music Of Sound

artist: Whales title: The Music Of Sound keywords: rock birthmark blue chicago cookies david lynch dream pop dreampop heavenrock noisepop prf shoegaze strange connection Chicago reviewer: Willem van O. ‘The hills are alive with the music of sound’ Nope, no … Continue reading

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Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos – KASSETTE

Artists: Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos title: KASSETTE keywords: alternative, Manchester, UK, US, indie, rock, lofi, psychedelic, punk, punk rock, shoegaze, label: Small Bear http://www.smallbearrecords.com/ Schizo Fun Addict is putting themselves in the hot flames of the fire to … Continue reading

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shredderghost – buff nape

Artist: shredderghost title: buff nape keywords: minimal, ambient, drone, shoegaze, Delaware This little story began yesterday with a response of our new favorite tweeter named IHeartNoise. After a presumption that the lobit minimal ambient work of Dreamboat’s Dreamboat EP was … Continue reading

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Funeral Art – La Belleza Oculta

artist: Funeral Art title: La Belleza Oculta format: tape / digital keywords: black metal, blackgaze, diy ,experimental ,ambient, avant-garde ,doom metal ,electro ,oustsider music ,poetry ,shoegaze ,singer-songwriter, Kraków label: Weakie Discs https://weakiediscs.bandcamp.com reviewer: WIllem van O. Funeral Art is an … Continue reading

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Rare Candy – Rare Candy

artist: Rare Candy title: Rare Candy keywords: experimental, acoustic, pop, free improvisation, noise , shoegaze, Harrison reviewer: Willem van O. Rare Candy does its best to give that candid candy flavor to its very own ‘rare candy EP. In a … Continue reading

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Hey Exit – Anura

artist: Hey Exit title: Anura keywords: experimental, ambient, doom, noise, moon noise, shoegaze, sludge, Brooklyn I can’t find my way out of this ‘Labyrinth Impulse’ that ‘Hey Exit’ had created. Its walls consist for the most part of saddening sadness, … Continue reading

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Klaus Marten – Honey

Artist: Klaus Marten title: Honey keywords: experimental, instrumental, rock, acoustic, ambient, bushwick, guitar, solo, noise, shoegaze, surf, Brooklyn No Strauss but Klaus is in the house. Yes you read it well; klaus is back and even though an internationally praised … Continue reading

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Zach And The Imaginaries – Vieilles Cassettes

Artist: Zach And The Imaginaries title: Vieilles Cassettes keywords: alternative, experimental, shoegaze, folk, dream pop, hip hop, real shit, lo-fi, indie folk, shoegazer, Quebec City A while ago Zach and the Imaginaries made an album in which Zach was drastically … Continue reading

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Laundry League – Fed (None)

Artist: Laundry League Title: Fed Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Electronic, Dream Pop, Experimental, Indie, Shoegaze Reviewer: Alex Spalding Ever since I first laid ears on the dreamy electronic sounds of the Laundry League, I’ve felt as if I’ve washed … Continue reading

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Emmanuel Holterbach – The Horizon is yet to come

Artist: Emmanuel Holterbach title: The Horizon is yet to come keywords: acousmagic, electronic, experimental, drone, electropop, fieldrecording, minimal, wave, musique concrete, shoegaze, sunshine pop reviewer: Mark X The Best is Yet To Come’ and it only had just begun. It’s … Continue reading

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