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Thorin Loeks – Thirsty Hearts

Artist: Thorin Loeks Title: Thirsty Hearts Keywords: americana folk alternative folk folk folk rock indieindie folk indie pop indie soul singer-songwriter Canada website: http://www.thorinloeks.com Thorin Loeks comes across as the traveling adventurous musician & friend who is one with nature … Continue reading

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Furchick – Soggy Moggy

Furchick lives on a island in the sea, She is a scientist, the kindest that can be. She experiments with science, Glues electric wires, plants and kitchen appliance. She goes out walking, singing songs. Exploring life: finding out why boys … Continue reading

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Leigh Harrison – Happy Now?

 artist: Leigh Harrison title: Happy Now? keywords: ernative pop alternative pop singer-songwriter New Zealand There is someone waiting for you & trust me it is no lie; it is actually true. The name is Leigh Harrison and the person attached … Continue reading

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Djanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP

Djanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP What is a kickstarter? I guess a kickstarter is something that starts when you give it a good kick. It’s what you do when your motorcycle motor doesnt seem to work; you’ll kick it … Continue reading

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‘The Future Scares Me’ (Sonia & Eli interviewed by KN)

Hi Sonia & Eli, thank you for getting in touch recently and for coming over to the virtual imaginary studio of Yeah I Know It Sucks. You might wonder why we are all here sitting on this cozy sofa today.. … Continue reading

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Alan Lauris – Jezebel (single)

artist: Alan Lauris title: Jezebel (single) keywords: pop, electronic, electropop, jezebel, pianopop, singersongwriter, synthpop, utrecht Jezebel is a song originally written by Wayne Shanklin and made famous by the house hold names like Frankie Laine, Edith Piaf and Anna Calvi. … Continue reading

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