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JES – “Let It Snow” Holiday EP

Artist: 3 Time Grammy Nominated & 2 Time #1 Billboard Artist JES. Title: “Let It Snow” Holiday EP Keywords: Holiday Music reviewer: Willem van HO HO HO! It’s weird to realize how much my head has been stuck in the … Continue reading

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Braveryjerk – Braveryjerk Sings: Volume VI

Artist: Braveryjerk title: Braveryjerk Sings: Volume VI keywords: comedy meme memes Washington reviewer: Simon Hit Braveryjerk must be one of the most underrated golden voices of the new millennium. Braveryjerk has the groove, the volume and the sense of rhythm, … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – Big Star’s ‘13’ (cover)

Artist: Alex Spalding title: Big Star’s ‘13’ (cover) keywords: acoustic, singing, video, People who had honored this space by coming back at regular times, might know that Alex Spalding is a very important writing music reviewer on this blog of … Continue reading

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Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – Veggie Medley

artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin title: Veggie Medley keywords: video, music, avantgarde, poetry, singing, songs, veggies, vegetable, puppets, psychedelic, label: Phantom Electric Eat your veggies’ says the kale-head, and when she says so you better eat. Don’t ignore the veggies on your … Continue reading

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Cynthia Cruz – Singing in the rain

artist: Cynthia Cruz title: Singing in the rain keywords: hobby, singing, rain, video Singing in the rain is one hobby practiced by many, but  noticed by few. its more fun and safer then singing in a blazing fire, or in … Continue reading

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Kevin McChain – Conquer Anything

Artist: Kevin McChain title: Conquer Anything keywords: acoustic, pop, rock, singing, springfield, original words by: Hamer Sompson Kevin McChain isn’t behind the McDonalds burger chain, but if a girl wanted him to be behind it; he could be. Kevin McChain … Continue reading

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Willie Brown and Woody Doing John Legend’s “Ordinary People”

Artists: Willie Brown & Woody Title: ‘Ordinairy People’ (John Legend cover) Keywords: ventriloquist, pop, cover, singing, doll Breakcore gives people wood, but what about Willie Brown & Woody? Do they give people wood as well by just reading their sexy … Continue reading

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Djanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP

Djanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP What is a kickstarter? I guess a kickstarter is something that starts when you give it a good kick. It’s what you do when your motorcycle motor doesnt seem to work; you’ll kick it … Continue reading

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