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Lisa Busby – Fingers in the Gloss

artist: Lisa Busby title: Fingers in the Gloss format: limited edition CD / digital keywords: experimental electronic improv noise song London Lisa Busby’s ‘Fingers in the gloss’ shows how experimental music with sincere sounding vocals could be the perfect combination … Continue reading

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Point Breezy Boyz – I Want A Pony For Christmas

Artist: Point Breezy Boyz title: I Want A Pony For Christmas keywords: alternative, video, song, pop, lo-fi, rap, Christmas, Pony reviewer: Willem van O. Christmas is the time of the year that many demands are made, one of the more … Continue reading

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IIana J – Angel

Artist: IIana J title: Angel keywords: singer songwriter, good cause, angels, website: http://www.ilanaj.com/ words: Willem van O. Ilana J is a British singer songwriter with an obvious good heart,soul and a pair of wings. Her songs and music come out … Continue reading

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Itzhak Volansky – My Parachute Won’t Open

Artist: Itzhak Volansky title: My Parachute Won’t Open keywords: parachute, won’t open, high, falling, song reviewer: Mark X The next family friendly song and music video is about a parachute that won’t open. It isn’t a dream and neither it … Continue reading

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Bloom – Animal Spirit

Artist: Bloom Title: Animal Spirit Keywords: dreamstep, song, harmonium, brass, analogue, tape, synth, trumpet, cats, meow Sorry for disturbing your internet time watching cute cats and other furry friends. But there is this music that you simply need to hear: … Continue reading

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