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i’d m thfft able – Dedicated to Ace Frehley

artist: i’d m thfft able title: Dedicated to Ace Frehley keywords: experimental avant garde avant-garde experimental harsh noise noise portland maine sound poetry Portland i’d m thfft able rules the inside of his car & thanks to this recording to … Continue reading

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id m theft able – Jimmy Page

artist: id m theft able title: Jimmy Page keywords: experimental rap avant garde experimental noise poetry portland maine sound poetry tribal Portland THIS IS AWESOME! … Hello, readers! I’m very enthusiastic about the following release, and have big hopes you’ll … Continue reading

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Lezet – Distorted Voice Recordings

Artist: Lezet title: Distorted Voice Recordings keywords: noise, experimental, avant-garde, sound poetry label: suRRism-Phonoethics Indios is coming across as if the famous artist Lezet had been dropped in an electric rock guitar jungle as a kid and got adopted by … Continue reading

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Hyaena Fierling & Comrades – Emissaries

Artists: Hyaena Fierling & Comrades title: Emissaries keywords: experimental, soundscape, sound art, poetry, sound poetry, electroacoustic, label: suRRism-Phonoethics Hyaena Fierling’s ‘madrigal for sugar dogs’ begins with an atmospheric soundscape that comes across warm and mysterious. It feels natural and yet … Continue reading

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All Machine / Emerge – …beyond…

Artist: All Machine / Emerge title: …beyond… keywords: experimental, sound poetry, drone label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/ The following release between Emerge and All Machine explores the beyond. A bold statement perhaps, but you have to look beyond that. The first … Continue reading

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Pod Blotz / Auk Theater

Artists: Pod Blotz / Auk Theater format: record/vinyl / digital keywords: folk, sound poetry, synthesizer, psychedelic, experimental label Nihilist Recordings http://nihilistrecords.net/ Listen to ‘riddles’ by Pod Blotz and you will be surrounded with riddles. The biggest one is what it … Continue reading

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