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Numen – Sucesivo

Artist – Numen Title – Sucesivo Keywords : Ambient, folk, sound, mexico No label – https://emptymty.bandcamp.com/album/sucesivo Released Oct 2016 reviewer: Wayne Rex From the very opening track ‘Efecto’ we can safely say that we are in for an atmospheric and … Continue reading

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Daniel Crooks – Phantom Ride

Artist: Daniel Crooks title: Phantom Ride keywords: Two channel video installation, digital video, sound Train-rides always seem so nice and wonderful as an idea. Just sit yourself down next to a window and watch the landscapes passing by. In reality … Continue reading

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Consistency Nature – Silent Thalia

artist: Consistency Nature title: Silent Thalia keywords: experimental, psychedelic, sound, avantgarde, noise, drone, ambient, folk, video, dancing, video, movie, label: Sirona-Records http://www.sirona-records.com/ It might have been a very long time since we discussed the music of an extra ordinary character … Continue reading

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i’d m thfft able – Dedicated to Ace Frehley

artist: i’d m thfft able title: Dedicated to Ace Frehley keywords: experimental avant garde avant-garde experimental harsh noise noise portland maine sound poetry Portland i’d m thfft able rules the inside of his car & thanks to this recording to … Continue reading

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Julia van der Piller – Sound Perversions

artist: Julia van der Piller title: Sound Perversions keywords: abstract electronic experimental julia van der piller minimal sound perversions breakbeat intoxnoize noize008 techno trance Russia label: Intox Noise Sound Perversions (released in 2009 and still perverse all these years later!) … Continue reading

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Arvind Ganga – Sri Maha Mariamman

artist: Arvind Ganga title: Sri Maha Mariamman format: digital / tape cassette keywords: experimental abstract free guitar free sound improvisation noise psychedelic The Hague artist website: http://www.arvindganga.net/ label: Toztizok Zoundz http://toztizok.com/ out and in need for something else than your … Continue reading

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Furchick (an interview with the dog loving moonboot wearing experimentalist)

Woof Woof! KN: Hello and welcome dear readers, as you can see I’m at a Dog Park. I came here with my dogs not just to play, but to actually meet one of the people who run this place (the … Continue reading

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Braghsdn & Globoscuro – Phobias II

artist: Braghsdn & Globoscuro title: Phobias II keywords: ambient, experimental, soundart, psychedelic, ambient, drone, Pretty things in reverse, music that you need to hear while sitting upside down; this is the first impression I get when hearing the kind material … Continue reading

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Bitwalker – Wrong Way of doing Synths

artist: Bitwalker title: Wrong Way of doing Synths keywords: experimental, abstract, experimental, ambient, musique concrete, sound, synthesizer, dark ambient, cinematic, alternative label: Hortus Conclusus Records Non existing music editors are praising this album into the great big skies and we … Continue reading

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Eli Gras (a amazing multidisciplinary artist, performer, inventor,entertainer, musician…)

Eli Gras is a multidisciplinary artist active in lots of creative fields, but mostly known for her excellent career in experimental underground music since the early eighties. Her experimentations have covered all kinds of musical paths, from pure experimentalism to … Continue reading

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