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HUMANFOBIA – Atmósfera Lívida

Artist: HUMANFOBIA title: Atmósfera Lívida keywords: Humanfobia, Chile, Atmospheric, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Noise, Electronic, Soundscapes Humanphobia is a serious phobia to have, as you might know; there are a lot of humans out there. In fact they might be almost … Continue reading

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MushroomWavved Collar – Tranquility

Artist: MushroomWavved Collar Title: Tranquility Keywords: ambient electronic atmospheric drone field recordings hauntology idm lo-fi meditation shoegaze soundscapes Moscow label: Ethereal Talks One of the artist you always should be on the lookout for is MushroomWavved Collar, this producer’s music … Continue reading

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Alexa Momtaz – The Korg Gadget Songs FIX1MIX Masters

artist: Alexa Momtaz title: The Korg Gadget Songs FIX1MIX Masters keywords: edm electronic ambient techno progressive house soundscapes techno industrial Montreal Aggronoid-Bufferstate’ bubbels and buffers massively on the electronic baseline, making my stomach twinkle of pleasure and joy. The electronic … Continue reading

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Wouter Jaspers – Conglomoraat / Erosie

artist: Wouter Jaspers title: Conglomoraat / Erosie keywords: experimental drones field recordings microsound noise soundscapes Tilburg reviewer: Wilma Johnson Let’s travel back to the good old times, think 2008, the year of nicely brewed wine and pretty music done by … Continue reading

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Trancers – Blink Out (Single)

Artist: Trancers Title: Blink Out (Single) keywords: experimental, post-punk, revival, alternative, rock, ambient, surf, lo-fi, soundscapes, space rock, punk, tape collage, Michigan Reviewer: Willem van O. I was in search for ambient music but instead of chill pill music to … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Italian experimental underground 015 survey – volume II

Artists: Various Title: Italian experimental underground 015 survey – volume II keywords: experimental, electronic, inventions, musical, alternatives, sonic, soundscapes, unpredictable, sounds, Italy label: Unexplained Sounds Group A compilation showcasing Italians that make experimental music is always a good place to … Continue reading

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MicroSol – How to Destroy Engels

Artist: MicroSol title: How to Destroy Engels keywords: esque, progressive rock, rock, soundscapes, metal, doom metal, dark ambient, cinematic, metal, alternative, Minesota reviewer: Tom Hank How to destroy Engels, how to destroy Engel, how to destroy Enge, how to destroy … Continue reading

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