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Snail Rainbow – Never In Tune

Artist: Snail Rainbow title: Never In Tune keywords: electronic, experimental, folk, psychedelic, space, funk, enchantment, nonsense, whimsy, earth Snail Rainbow just released an album which you probably really should hear, to just believe it’s actually real. I mean I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Eduardo Zambrano – Music for Alien Ships

Artist: Eduardo Zambrano title: Music for Alien Ships cat: #EDM060 format: Floppy keywords: alternative, electronic, ufo, ambient, experimental, floppy disk, folk, indie, rock, pop, jazz, low bitrate,lowbit,lobit,space, sci-fi label: Edmoon Records https://www.facebook.com/edmoonrec ‘Music for alien ships’ is a wonderful floppy … Continue reading

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The Dead Heads – C:\>PROMPT_RESTART

Artist: The Dead Heads title: C:\>PROMPT_RESTART format: CD, digital keywords: experimental, animals, comedy, crazy, electronic, food, funny, goth, keyboard, pop, rock, space, video game, weird, United States reviewer: Mark X After a crap intro that functions as a filter to … Continue reading

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VISITORS – Hello World / 2012 VISITORS

Artist: VISITORS title: Hello World / 2012 VISITORS keywords: electronic, dream pop, pop, electropop, Nijmege, electronic, robots, sci-fi, space, vocoder, Nijmegen, Bertin van Vliet, videos label: Bareuh records (tape) / self released words by: Victor Isitor Welcome dear visitors of … Continue reading

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Obsolète Broadcast Système – Carmen and the faceless future

artist: Obsolète Broadcast Système title: Carmen and the faceless future cat: {L0BIT12} keywords: dance, electro, electronic, sci-fi, science fiction, cinematic track, experimental, future, synthesizer, lobit, low-bit, energy, space label: L0BIT http://l0bit.wordpress.com/ reviewer: Leo Obit The electronic underground music done by … Continue reading

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Pablo Ribot and Chris Silver T. – Painful

Artists: Pablo Ribot and Chris Silver T. title: Painful cat: 0z091 keywords: experimental label: ozky e-sound Netlabel http://www.ozkyesound.altervista.org/Releases.html When you read the word ‘Painful’ you automatically think that something will sound painful. But actually listening to ‘Painful’ is actually none … Continue reading

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Lee Rosevere – Symphony For Monotron: 1st Movement

artist: Lee Rosevere title: Symphony For Monotron: 1st Movement cat: 8R045 keywords: experimental, space, kraut, 8kbps label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/ Happy Puppy owner Lee Rosevere’s first Symphony For Monotron is released on the netlabel specialized in the 8kbps sound; 8Ravens. As … Continue reading

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Space Alien Donald – Must Be Funny

Artist: Space Alien Donald title: Must Be Funny keywords: weirdo, alien, fun, gay, pop, punk, space, experimental, hip-hop, rap, canadian label: Related Records http://relatedrecords.com/ If Napoleon XIV (mister ‘take me to the funny farm’) was an Canadian alien instead of … Continue reading

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Trio telfær – Close Encounters

Artist: Trio telfær Title: Close Encounters Keywords: experimental, basement, dance, improvisation, jam, pop, rock, space, trip Sometimes we just stumble upon music that actually doesn’t suck, it doesn’t happen often but when it happens it’s really an euphoric moment that … Continue reading

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Caffeinate – Substitute

Artist: Caffeinate title: Substitute cat: ER104 keywords: electronic,  label: Effluvia Recordings http://effluviarecordings.wordpress.com Without knowing anything of the artist named ‘Caffeinate’, it is like being a virgin of sound touching in the dark to find out what the artist’s release named … Continue reading

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