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Alex Spalding – Acetate

Artist: Alex Spalding title: Acetate keywords: electronic avant-garde chillout electro shoegaze Springfield Outrageously stretched out beauty will warm welcome you within the grey mist in which Alex Spalding hopes you won’t see the workings of his music. The cables, wires … Continue reading

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The Elite – Goose ‘Em Up

Artist: The Elite title: Goose ‘Em Up keywords: a tune, Springfield, alternative words by: Marche Somspin In Springfield they have many creative and interesting characters, but no one speaks as much to the imagination as the wordsmith Skip Skiffington. Many … Continue reading

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Kevin McChain – Conquer Anything

Artist: Kevin McChain title: Conquer Anything keywords: acoustic, pop, rock, singing, springfield, original words by: Hamer Sompson Kevin McChain isn’t behind the McDonalds burger chain, but if a girl wanted him to be behind it; he could be. Kevin McChain … Continue reading

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Dirk Frazel – Randy’s Bacon

Artist: Dirk Frazel title: Randy’s Bacon keywords: emo, punk, diy, post-hardcore, screamz, screamo, twinkle, Springfield reviewer: Loza Sampsonite Hi there, welcome at YIKIS, the Springfield weekend edition. The place to look when in search for music coming out of Springfield! … Continue reading

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Sven Sundberg – Intimacy: A Collection

Artist: Sven Sundberg title: Intimacy: A Collection keywords: new age,r&b, world, adult, contemporary, instrumental, easy listening, pop, life, urban, nu jazz, soft rock, Springfield reviewer: Bert Sompsin Today, its a weekend day. Not just any weekend day; no! No, No … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – Implant Angel

Artist: Alex Spalding title: Implant Angel keywords: cosmic, wave, electro, electronic, funk, post-industrial, progressive, Springfield You won’t believe what happened to me? I left the yeah I know it sucks office for 3 days to inspect a museum (as you … Continue reading

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Material Action – Mekanomikon [Instrumental]

Artist: Material Action title: Mekanomikon [Instrumental] keywords: cosmic wave, electro,electronic,funk,post-industrial,progressive, Springfield Everybody will interpret music in a different way; sometimes tracks just come as music and at other times music might be turning into fantasy scenes that you actually never … Continue reading

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