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Retrigger – Pink violence (7inch)

artist: Retrigger title: Pink violence (7inch) keywords: 8bit electronic breakbeat breakcore electro punk surf Angers label: Ego Twister records http://www.egotwister.com/ Yesterday Retrigger triggered the party people at the legendary Gifgrond party into a dancing frenzy,and today (to celebrate!) we keep … Continue reading

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La Feeling – Fête de fête

artist: La Feeling title: Fête de fête keywords: experimental kids trap bamboule cooly exotica fiesta fête magie mainstream noise rap surf underground Tours reviewer: laura fête Everything and everyone is talking about la fête. From Rick Ashley to the trollol … Continue reading

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Hassan K. – Wahy

Artist: Hassan. K title: Wahy keywords: electronic, experimental, breakbeats, breakcore, weirdo, oriental, noise, surf, psychedelic, insanity, reviewer: your dope dealer Forget about that Special K that you do with your friends (or alone) to tranquilize that inner horse of yours; … Continue reading

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HuorrouH – Surfing To Jutlandia On A Toilet Seat

Artist: HuorrouH title: Surfing To Jutlandia On A Toilet Seat keywords: experimental, electronic, pop, surf, alternative, animation, music, Denmark Denmark: A place famous for its medieval core of cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses & legendary folklore, and it being the … Continue reading

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7inchWave – 1.44 MB Floppy Disc Single

Artist: 7inchWave title: 1.44 MB Floppy Disc Single keywords: punk, devo, surf punk, Ames reviewer: Fred Oppy 7inchWave’s ‘theme’ single on a floppy is a cheeky sounding one. It has very strange named members doing the music for you on … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Under the Covers

Artists: Various Artists title: Under the Covers keywords: punk, fuzz, garage, lo-fi,Scotland, surf, UK label: Fuzz Kill Records http://fuzzkillrecords.co.uk/ reviewer: Willem van O. Valentines day; another great source for income of flower shops and post card printers. But It’s also … Continue reading

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Trancers – Blink Out (Single)

Artist: Trancers Title: Blink Out (Single) keywords: experimental, post-punk, revival, alternative, rock, ambient, surf, lo-fi, soundscapes, space rock, punk, tape collage, Michigan Reviewer: Willem van O. I was in search for ambient music but instead of chill pill music to … Continue reading

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Bickley – Rainbow TV Fuzz

Artist: Bickley Title: Rainbow TV Fuzz keywords: alternative, dream pop, surf, rock, experimental, indie, Philadelphia Reviewer: Simon Hit Ethan Kerr, Owen Zieger , Harry Welsh ,Michael Zicchinolfi & John Kerr; unlike what you’ll all are thinking, these are not the … Continue reading

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Отстой – как не положено

artist: Отстой title: как не положено keywords: DIY, rock, surf rock, garage, punk, surf, lo-fi, Russian, Saint Petersburg reviewer: Insert Name Here Hey check out this review I wrote for this one-man-Lo-Fi-rock band from Russia: I can’t understand one word … Continue reading

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Klaus Marten – Honey

Artist: Klaus Marten title: Honey keywords: experimental, instrumental, rock, acoustic, ambient, bushwick, guitar, solo, noise, shoegaze, surf, Brooklyn No Strauss but Klaus is in the house. Yes you read it well; klaus is back and even though an internationally praised … Continue reading

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