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Raw Moans – Safe Sex

Artist: Raw Moans title: Safe Sex keywords: electronic, synthesizer, pop, love, sexy Oh my goodness, synthpop orgasms are coming your way when plugged into the music of Raw Moans. The satisfaction of those synthesizer melodies pumping, slowly arousing your pleasure … Continue reading

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Marielle V Jakobsons – Star Core

Artist: Marielle V Jakobsons Title: Star Core keywords: ambient classical cosmic experimental new age synthesizer Oakland This pretty enlightening kind-of-an-album by multi-instrumentalist Marielle V Jakobsons starts with a nice spacious melodic amount of White Sparks. For some reason it gives … Continue reading

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Emerging Industries of Wuppertal – Transformation Cues

artist: Emerging Industries of Wuppertal title: Transformation Cues keywords: cult electronic experimental ambient early electronic industrial krautrock minimalwave synthesizer techno Neuenbrook label: Strategic Tape Reserve http://www.strategictapereserve.de/ No time to waste with formal introductions, you should go directly hear this album! … Continue reading

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RGB – Uowis

artist: RGB title: Uowis keywords: 80s dark wave electronic future-80’s new wave pop analog synthesizer future jazz jazz minimal wave minimalwave synthpunk synthpunk pop garage euro New York label: http://www.afasoundmachine.com/ The big labels in the record business have been fighting … Continue reading

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Noise Arcade – a compilation

Artist: Noise Arcade title: a compilation keywords: electronic analog synthesizer electronica experiemental experimental electronic idm 北京市 Unlike you might expect with an artist name like ‘Noise Arcade’ the music that this project had been falling into my ears had been … Continue reading

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Addicted to LOVATARAXX

artist: LOVATARAXX keywords: alternative coldwave electropop new wave synthesiser drumbox synthwave Grenoble web: https://lovataraxx.bandcamp.com Out of our minds, on top of steamy clouds, twirling in a void of sweaty sweat created by the dancing lunatics who are occupying the slippery … Continue reading

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Black Dolphin – “Slothrot3000”

artist: Black Dolphin title: “Slothrot3000” cat: SD17 keywords: experimental fantasy exotica fun synth tropical Gainesville label: Squiggle Dot Black Dolphin obviously wiggles its gorgeous tail made out of audio synthesis, a thing to move carefree through the most pleasant material … Continue reading

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