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Sindre Bjerga – Original Replica (live)

Artist: Sindre Bjerga title: Original Replica (live) format: tape / digital keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde,funk,live, tape, collage, United Kingdom label: KIKS/GFR reviewer: Willem van O. Sindre Bjerga’s direction in music is brought to life and recorded on two very different … Continue reading

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Ak’chamel – The Man Who Drank God

Artist: Ak’chamel title: The Man Who Drank God keywords: acoustic, ceremonial, chants, experimental, tape, United States label: Field Hymns reviewer: Durk Hello I’m Durk, your unknown reviewer. Today I present you one of my favorite albums of all time, strangely … Continue reading

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mere fever – maybe summer, maybe something, maybe someone

artist: mere fever title: maybe summer, maybe something, maybe someone keywords: experimental, ambient, folk, lo-fi, pop, tape, Asheville reviewer: Ali Blahblah Mere Fever thanks the friends for their gear, gives a special shout out to Dominick Grande for bringing it … Continue reading

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André de Saint–Obin – Sound On Sound

Artist: André de Saint–Obin title: Sound On Sound format: LP+CD/DL-­‐500copies cat: 753907982480 keywords: post-punk, minimal wave, experimental, lo-fi, electronic,  label: Korm Plastics http://www.kormplastics.nl reviewer: Mark X Are you in for a ride in a time machine, and visit the rougher alternative … Continue reading

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Michael Ridge – One Second / One Heartbeat

Artist: Michael Ridge Title: One Second / One Heartbeat Format: tape (limited to 25 copies) Keywords: experimental, anti-experimental Label: NONE records http://nonerecords.tumblr.com NONE records is an anti-label for static and transient anti-releases by musicians, artists, anti-musicians, and anti-artists. Located in … Continue reading

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The Fake Masters – Stoned wifes unplugged-strumming part II (1995)

Artist: The Fake Masters title: Stoned wifes unplugged-strumming part II (1995) keywords: stoned wifes strumming fake masters label: Ekafon After some hoochy poochy we can whistle to the mice that are trapped on a tape. A manipulator presses the buttons of … Continue reading

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The Tara Experiment – Christmas in the Observatory

Artist: The Tara Experiment title: Christmas in the Observatory keywords: Christmas, earthgirl, electronic, radiophonic, ambient, electronic, analog, synthesizer, experimental, musique concrete, psychedelia, tape, loops, experiment Before listening to the latest release of The Tara Experiment, it is recommended to know … Continue reading

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Seth Graham – Goop

artist: Seth Graham Title: Goop format: cassette / digital Keywords: experimental label: Noumenal Loom http://noumenalloom.com/ reviewer: Robert Emember Seth Graham is a combination of two names that I personally had not encountered before. But lucky that I have now, because … Continue reading

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Bloom – Animal Spirit

Artist: Bloom Title: Animal Spirit Keywords: dreamstep, song, harmonium, brass, analogue, tape, synth, trumpet, cats, meow Sorry for disturbing your internet time watching cute cats and other furry friends. But there is this music that you simply need to hear: … Continue reading

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Pushing Task – Royal Regicide

Artist: Pushing Task Title: Royal Regicide Cat: 4m@103 Keywords: experimental, tape, glitch, lobit Label: 4m@ records http://www.proc-records.net/INDEX2.html Pushing Task pushing the boundaries of listenable oddness. With the two tracks called ‘Royal’ and ‘Regicide’ the project introduces the listeners to what … Continue reading

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