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OCD Soundsystem – Wayne

Artist: OCD Soundsystem title: Wayne keywords: electronic, chillwave, freak, folk, house, progressive, synth, pnk, trip hop Shadowalwaysfollowmehome’ is the first track to stumble over when going for this album brought by OCD Soundsystem. It’s like we enter a movie somewhere … Continue reading

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Various Artists – vk_lobit comp #5

artist: various title: vk_lobit comp #5 keywords: experimental, electronic, hip-hop, trip-hop, chill out, industrial, punk, digital hardcore, breaks, electronica, chip tune, alternative, folk, rock, lobit the latest lobit compilation compiled by the vk_lobit community is pretty large. With a single … Continue reading

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Lightfarer – Strike a Light

artist: Lightfarer title: Strike a Light keywords: ambient, dub, electronic, instrumental, reggae, trip-hop, acid Ooo I Feel Love, i feel love, i feel love, I fee-ee-eel love! Oh it’s so good, so good, so real goo-Ood! Lightfarer brings on the … Continue reading

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Burial – Rival Dealer

Artits: Burial Title: Rival Dealer Label: Hyperdub http://www.hyperdub.net Cat#: (HDB080) Keywords: 2-step ambient house, dubstep, trip-hop, experimental, Samples, future garage. Reviewer: Cameron Thomson Rival Dealer is the seventh extended play by British electronic music artist Burial. It was issued by record … Continue reading

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Jean Nine – Whispers And The Storm (002)

Artist: Jean Nine Title: Whispers And The Storm Label: Kyoto Republic Cat#: 002 Keywords: Electronic, Broken Beat, Dubstep, IDM, Trip Hop Reviewer: Alex Spalding & his magical ear worm Earlier today my right ear began bugging out… it felt as … Continue reading

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Common Citizens – Singles

artist: Common Citizens Title: Singles keywords: electronic, chill out, downtempo, electronica, trip-hop ‘There goes the neighborhood’ is a very original relaxing tune that plays around with a rhythm that seems to be wonky, but actually isn’t. Spacious filtered humming vocals … Continue reading

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Uschi-No-Michi – Ameratsu

artist: Uschi-No-Michi title: Ameratsu format: 7″ vinyl (limited to 100 copy’s) keywords: electronic, experimental, drum n base, techno, acoustic, electronica, acoustic label: Plastic Musk http://www.phaticmusk.com/ To excite the lovers of vinyl and collectors of retro nostalgia ‘Uschi-No-Michi’ has packed their … Continue reading

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Unicode – Transmission

artist: Unicode title: Transmission keywords: experimental, electronica, trip-hop label: Tonstube http://tonstube.de/ Transmission is a story told in 5 parts. All Tracks were originally composed as one track. It is advised to either download the album in a format supporting gapless … Continue reading

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Ronny Ragtroll – Greatest Club Hits From Beyond

Artist: Ronny Ragtroll title: Greatest Club Hits From Beyond keywords: trip hop, experimental, ambience label: Vaatican Records http://gestrococlub.org/tympans.htm Reviewer: TOM COSTA Greatest club hits from beyond? Of course it is, unless you travelled the time with Mc Fly and brought … Continue reading

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ALEX 14 – Cadet School

Artist: ALEX 14 title: Cadet School format: high quality MP3 / FLAC keywords: , jazz, soul, cool music, trip-hop, sampling, etc label: SP netD http://spmusic5.bandcamp.com/ I have personally never heard of an artist called Alex 14, neither do I have … Continue reading

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