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Marrach / Bad Poet / Chtin Mara – Opus Oratorium

Artists: Marrach / Bad Poet / Chtin Mara Title: Opus Oratorium Keywords: raw, dark schizoid off-beats, robotic voodoo, autistic terror, animal instincts, etc. label: Enough Records http://enoughrecords.scene.org/ If there was a recipe for a dream team then the ingredients would … Continue reading

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Reisebüro86 – Badlands.Data

artist: Reisebüro86 title: Badlands.Data keywords: Abstract, Album, Ambient, CGR, Completely Gone Recordings, Electronic, Experimental, Hungary, Noise, Normal Gergely, Psychedelic, Reisebüro86 label: Completely Gone Recordings https://www.facebook.com/CompletelyGoneRecordings?ref=hl artist website: https://reiseburo86.bandcamp.com/ Audio traveling agency Reisebüro86 has organized a pleasant trip that not only … Continue reading

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The Hairy Giant – Glowing Dinosaurs

Artist: The Hairy Giant title: Glowing Dinosaurs keywords: ambient, experimental, Prehistoric, prehistory, album, trip, dreams, netlabel label: Storage Unit https://archive.org/details/StorageUnitNetlabel The Hairy Giant invites you to go on a journey deep into the park of living dinosaurs. Follow in his … Continue reading

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Trio telfær – Close Encounters

Artist: Trio telfær Title: Close Encounters Keywords: experimental, basement, dance, improvisation, jam, pop, rock, space, trip Sometimes we just stumble upon music that actually doesn’t suck, it doesn’t happen often but when it happens it’s really an euphoric moment that … Continue reading

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Nelsetron – Something for a change

artist: Nelsetron title: Something for a change keywords: electronic, trip, trance Not so very long ago one of the co-reviewers reviewed a work of the producer Nelsetron. It was a bit sarcastically written with mentioning how cheesy the track was … Continue reading

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