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Yogo Yolk – Bohemian Serenade

Artist: Yogo Yolk Title: Bohemian Serenade Keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde, disco, psychedelic, triphop Yogo Yolk has this eclectic little EP sitting on her bandcamp account which fits the style of one of her fun live video: A video in which … Continue reading

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Yogo Yolk – Yogo Yolk

Artist: Yogo Yolk title: Yogo Yolk keywords: bauhaus edm electronic experimental glasgow innovative scotland avant-garde disco female psychedelic triphop trippy weed weird Yogo Yolk brings the juicy atmosphere of happy and groovy material, mixing the best things together for a … Continue reading

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old oldman – the tender ass EP

Artist: old oldman title: the tender ass EP cat: 20k209 keywords: downbeat, triphop, electronica, electronic, lobit label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/ 2014 Sucks so let’s travel back in time when everything was a little bit less suckier. We go back to 2007 … Continue reading

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Mas&Delayer – Urban Dub

Artist: Mas&Delayer title: Urban Dub cat: EPH080 keywords: triphop, dub, urban, rabba, dubby, slow, electronic, label: Ephedrina Reviewer: Willem van Billem Mas&Delayer requested a long, long time ago to hear and write something about its ‘Urban Dub’ release. Why did … Continue reading

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Atomnation – Anniversary Compilation ’10’

artists: Various Atomnation artists title: Anniversary Compilation ’10’ keywords: electronic, ambient, beats, cinematic, electronica, indie, jazz, techno, trip hop label: Atomnation http://www.atomnation.net A label from Amsterdam, The Netherlands just released a wonderful must have compilation to celebrate their first 10 … Continue reading

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