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Microbit Project – In Acid

Artist: Microbit Project title: In-Acid keywords: acid, techno, rave, lobit, lowbit, rate, lofi, techno, dance, electronic, underground, free, netlabel, netrelease, raving, groove, psychedelic label: L0BIT https://l0bit.wordpress.com/ Evgenij V. Kharitonov is one person from Russia that single handedly changed the world … Continue reading

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pavleisdead – Liebestod

Artist: pavleisdead title: Liebestod keywords: experimental abstract hip-hop ambient drone noise underground hip hop Augsburg label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/ Oh yes, when you hear this stuff you don’t want to hear any other music of the rapper kind again. Son … Continue reading

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heche – neon insone esquinas frigorífico

artist: heche title: neon insone esquinas frigorífico keywords: hip-hop/rap boom bap underground hip hop Curitiba reviewer: Mikey ‘Just Doing It’ Brusselsprout Just do it… Was the text of the invitation we received to review a release of Brazilian Hip-Hop. I … Continue reading

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Meagan Johnson – Very Young and Early Werx

artist: Meagan Johnson title: Very Young and Early Werx keywords: deep detroit techno electronic experimental idm truth underground electronica leftfield electronic multi-genre techno United States label: Run On Recordings http://runonrecordings.tumblr.com/ There is nothing better than a throbbing beat to get … Continue reading

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Russ Stedman – Orchestral Fakes

artist: Russ Stedman title: Orchestral Fakes keywords: rock experimental indie rock obscure underground Sioux Falls classical fakes Oh, hello… Welcome at this post on YIKIS. If you look up you can read a description and see artwork, and if you … Continue reading

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Hanging onto Lucia Lip

artist: Lucia Lip keywords: alternative electronic lucia lip berlin electro electronic pop electronica electronica experimental female independent indietronic lucialip pop underground Berlin words by: Cliff Richard Lip Hanger For the last couple of days I’ve been hanging at the lips … Continue reading

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La Feeling – Fête de fête

artist: La Feeling title: Fête de fête keywords: experimental kids trap bamboule cooly exotica fiesta fête magie mainstream noise rap surf underground Tours reviewer: laura fête Everything and everyone is talking about la fête. From Rick Ashley to the trollol … Continue reading

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