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Adam/Palantris – Ropes of Maui

Artists: Adam/Palantris title: Ropes of Maui Keywords: ambient drone experimental lo-fi noise piano United Kingdom label: Personal Escape Records Here (Until you go) is coming at you like the long stretched arms of an angelic caring creature of light, reaching … Continue reading

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Lux E Tenebris – Cyclizine

Artist: Lux E Tenebris title: Cyclizine keywords: electronic idm electronic music electronica experimental electronic female producer footwork idm techno uk footwork United Kingdom label: Objects Limited https://objectslimited.bandcamp.com/ “Lux E Tenebris is the alias of Brighton born Lara Rix-Martin who previously … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Veldon – Three songs for a stillborn youth

artist: Elizabeth Veldon title:three songs for a stillborn youth keywords: experimental avant garde electronic noise United Kingdom Elizabeth Veldon brings with her ‘three songs for a stillborn youth’ two main instruments into the recording range: a piano and ‘silence’. The … Continue reading

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Future Image – NWYH

Artist: Future Image title: NWYH keywords: bristol electronic finlay shakespeare idm london abstract acid alternative electronica future image records glitch idm modular noise techno United Kingdom label: Future Image http://www.futureimagerecords.co.uk/ NWYH by Future Image is the active dirty side of … Continue reading

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Shurayuki-hime – Yubari Gogo

Artist: Shurayuki-hime title: Yubari Gogo keywords: electronic harshnoise wall United Kingdom A very nice day you can make when you play Yubari Gogo by Shurayuki-hime on your ears while slowly sipping a beer in the sunshine. It might be a … Continue reading

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Femmepop – ‘Underground’

Artist: Femmepop title: ‘Underground’ keywords: synthpop, electropop, pop, video, YIKIS song of the day, dreampop electro electronic futurepop. synth synthwave electro newretrowave United Kingdom artist website: http://www.femmepop.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. Femmepop seems to be taken over by the sound … Continue reading

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Neil Campbell – Blues for Sadneck

Artist: Neil Campbell title: Blues for Sadneck keywords: brainguff experimental aylesbury buckinghamshire erotic weird United Kingdom label: Structured Disasters https://structureddisasters.wordpress.com/ Neil Campbell’s Blues for Sadneck is like listening to the moment when a funky cashier prints out your gigantic long … Continue reading

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Eumig – Eumig

Artist: Eumig title: Eumig keywords: electronic eumig ambient drone electronica experiemental improv improvisation noise synth United Kingdom label: Courier http://couriersound.bandcamp.com/ Courier Sound is the quality micro label that always delivers interesting music and hand packaged DIY beauties. It has been … Continue reading

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interview with Haiku Salut

Whilst I adore music in general, I very rarely fall head over heels for a band. So far my journalistic adventures have introduced you to two such acts, Twink and The Caring Babies. The advantage for these two acts is … Continue reading

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Crooked Weather – Long Garden

Artist: Crooked Weather title: Long Garden keywords: folk, earth music, original, psych, folk, psychedelic, United Kingdom Crooked Weather brings the music that will provide an extra aura around a campfire. It does this with its humble sounding analogue folk music … Continue reading

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