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Houseキーパー – Checking In

artist: Houseキーパー title:  Checking In keywords: electronic ambient atmospheric vaportrap Romania label: UNCHILL https://www.facebook.com/unchillrecords/ Imagine yourself checking in at a beautiful checking in area of a hotel in the middle of green nature. It seems like you are the only … Continue reading

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Fart Banshee – Fart Banshee 0

artist: Fart Banshee title: Fart Banshee 0 keywords: experimental blank banshee chillwave fart joke parody vaportrap vaporwave United States Farts is only one F away to become Arts, but on this release the arts and farts come close together for … Continue reading

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Jesse Brinkerhof – Uninstal iPad Firmware iOS 5.0.1

Artist: Jesse Brinkerhof title: Uninstal iPad Firmware iOS 5.0.1 keywords: experimental, ambient, darkwave,ipad, post-internet, shareware, trap, vaportrap, vaporwave, the Netherlands words by: Mark X Working on a iPad is like what working on a laptop was in the old days … Continue reading

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