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Chip the Black Boy exclusive ‘Black Candles’ premiere + interview!

Ah, welcome dear readers. Welcome at this very special episode! As you can see (or not, it doesn’t matter!) we are gathered here today in a local cinema, on a very secret location, especially reserved to launch an exclusive brand … Continue reading

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Yogo Yolk – Bohemian Serenade

Artist: Yogo Yolk Title: Bohemian Serenade Keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde, disco, psychedelic, triphop Yogo Yolk has this eclectic little EP sitting on her bandcamp account which fits the style of one of her fun live video: A video in which … Continue reading

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Bill Mumy – Johnny Boy Got His Drum

artist: Bill Mumy title: Johnny Boy Got His Drum keywords: Bill Mumy, raindance, environmental action, video website: http://www.billmumy.com/ In parts of the world there have been a huge drought. Lakes are being pumped up by Nestle for profit and the … Continue reading

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La Tigresa del Oriente & friends

I know we have been acting rather serious around here lately, and this post will simply underline our seriousness just one more time. I have fallen in love, not in the traditional sense of the word, but in love in … Continue reading

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Reptilians from Andromeda – Blood Planet

Artist: Reptilians from Andromeda title: Blood Planet keywords: rock, alternative The Reptilians From Andromeda are infiltrating the eyes and ears from their newly dropped music video. With a moody atmosphere they drown you into their alien reptilian zone. They might … Continue reading

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You People – Deliver Me Home

Artist: You People title: Deliver Me Home keywords: alt-rock, video You People, yes… You People… I’m in such a state that I can’t drive or even walk home. I’m counting on You People to Deliver Me Home. Don’t ask me … Continue reading

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Hanin Elias feat. Electrosexual – Hold Me (video)

Artist: Hanin Elias feat. Electrosexual title: -Hold me- keywords: electronic, pop, alternative label: Duchess Box Records Hanin Elias teamed up with the sexy Electrosexual to create ‘Hold me’, a very hot song that goes into you like a brewing fever. … Continue reading

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It’s a Cruel Summer (some bananarama covers…)

Hello and welcome at a special episode in which you can find a nice collection of top quality music videos of covers of bananarama’s Cruel Summer song. It wasn’t planned (we will explain the happening somewhere within this post..) but … Continue reading

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Sam and the Womp – East Meets West

Artist: Sam and the Womp title: East Meets West keywords: dreamstep, brass, pop, party, anthem, video website: http://www.samandthewomp.com/ When actor Clint Eastwood meets up with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood what would they do? Would it turn into a cowboy movie … Continue reading

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Myriam Bleau – Soft Revolvers

Artist: Myriam Bleau title: Soft Revolvers keywords: experimental, electronic, live music, lights, video, performance website: http://www.myriambleau.com/ Modern deejays twirling discs or vinyl in round circles, twisting nobs on mixing desks and some play with effects on the side. The rich … Continue reading

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