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Elena – Immortal

Artist: Elena Title: Immortal Keywords: experimental, dark ambient , bro classical, vocals, voice, soundscape Label: Petroglyph https://petroglyphmusic.com/ artist website: https://petroglyphelena.wordpress.com/ Behind walls that needs to be broken down by hand, at the end of a field full of sharp rose … Continue reading

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Lara Yuko – I Don’t Mind

Artist: Lara Yuko title: I Don’t Mind keywords: alternative banjo female vocals indie rock singer-songwriter New York Lara Yuko clearly doesn’t mind to bring her listeners to tears. She delivers personal and upfront intensity to the ears of a listener, … Continue reading

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Sam and the Womp – Fireflies (EP)

artist: Sam and the Womp title: Fireflies (EP) keywords: pop, brass, ska, dream, positivism, electronic, trumpets label: Womp Records website: http://www.samandthewomp.com/ We have been to the premiere of Sam and the Womp’s Fireflies single, (lots of free booze, trumpets trumpeting … Continue reading

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Autry! – BUG

artist: Autry! title: BUG keywords: alternative, singer songwriter, performer, entertainer, power house voice, vocalist, video, words by: WIllem van O. I quite enjoy the talent of Autry! And for some reason I was thinking, who knows, you might be available … Continue reading

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Five golden voices you should know about.

The voices are everywhere. In our heads and outside our heads, and sometimes outside voices are welcomed inside our heads. Some you love and some you don’t, but this selection of wonderful people *with amazing voices* you certainly will adore … Continue reading

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Katie Glasgow – Third Sight

Artist: Katie Glasgow title: Third Sight keywords: experimental, female vocalist, harmony, vocals, original music, piano, New York reviewer: Willem van O. Katie Glasgow from New York is a vocal major and that means her music is focused on her vocal … Continue reading

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The Femme-Mynistiques – Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room

artist: The Femme-Mynistiques title: Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room keywords: hip-hop, rap, experimental, electronica, jungle,lyrical,spoken word,poetry,tribal house,vocals, Philadelphia reviewer: Esther Langendorf some info from The Femme-mynistiques bandcamp account: In January 2011, at the behest of the Plum … Continue reading

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Laura Weixelbaum – Terra Tremuit

artist: Laura Weixelbaum title: Terra Tremuit cat: Petroglyph259 keywords: experimental, vocals, spoken word, poem, fieldrecording label: Petroglyph Music http://petroglyphmusic.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. Laura Weixelbaum is expressing herself with her voice. You might think at first that it is of … Continue reading

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Nell Gross – the Sweet underneath of your houses

artist: Nell Gross Title: the Sweet underneath of your houses keywords: dark ritual, experimental, vocal reviewer: Willem van O. The Sweet underneath of your houses by Nell Gross is quite interesting. It sounds a bit like some kind of mix … Continue reading

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