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Elena – Immortal

Artist: Elena Title: Immortal Keywords: experimental, dark ambient , bro classical, vocals, voice, soundscape Label: Petroglyph https://petroglyphmusic.com/ artist website: https://petroglyphelena.wordpress.com/ Behind walls that needs to be broken down by hand, at the end of a field full of sharp rose … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Cantabile

Artists: Various title: Cantabile keywords: experimental,voice, spoken word, label: Buddhist on fire For the following conceptual compilation the propositions for the participating artists had been constructed in the following way: -participants choose any kind of written text (a piece of … Continue reading

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Agnès Pe – Item Tourian

Artist: Agnès Pe title: Item Tourian format: Cassette Keywords:devotional experimental distorted laptop highhopetunes humpatech lo-fi mid nogenre nomad powermid true voice Columbia label:Powdered Hearts Records artist website: http://aggnespe.hotglue.me/ Agnès Pe’sItem Tourian album is let’s say pretty heavy, it’s probably the … Continue reading

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Braveryjerk – Braveryjerk Sings: Volume VI

Artist: Braveryjerk title: Braveryjerk Sings: Volume VI keywords: comedy meme memes Washington reviewer: Simon Hit Braveryjerk must be one of the most underrated golden voices of the new millennium. Braveryjerk has the groove, the volume and the sense of rhythm, … Continue reading

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Ann Key – Ann Speaks Key

artist: Ann Key title: Ann Speaks Key keywords: phenomenon, speaking, spoken word, experimental, sounds, noise, dada, artist web: https://soundcloud.com/ankie-anders Jippa dippa dee: I hope you read me! Why? Cause we got something important to talk about: Ann Key! As unlike … Continue reading

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Donna Donka – We Made this War

artist: Donna Donka title: We Made this War keywords: pop, dramatic, vocal, devotional, singer songwriter, video reviewer: Willem van O. One of my favorite singers of all time is Donna Donka. Donna Donka’s voice is just so particular that it’s … Continue reading

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Maria Move – Untitled

Artist: Maria Move title: Untitled keywords: alternative,experimental,poetry,soundtrack,theatre,vocal,covalist,vocal harmonies,voices,Santiago reviewer: Willem van O. Maria Moves’s Untitled makes me feel all odd and funky inside. She does this in an instant by bringing a short track containing something that you might call … Continue reading

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poppy nogood – leftover noise

Artist: poppy nogood Title: leftover noise keyords: ambient, drone, bedroom drone, bedroom recording, voice, violin, experimental, electronic label: Fwonk http://fwonk.co.uk/releases/ revieer: Mark X Don’t expect noise when listening to poppy nogood’s leftover noise as it is Devine well played music … Continue reading

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