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Mmöner – Forest Eruption

Artist: Mmöner Title: Forest Eruption keywords: alternative ambient electronic experimental electronic fantasy industrial trip hop witch house Mmöner walks us step by step into this album through ‘Lemna’. A strange place in which odd whistling, meets synthetic low bass choirs … Continue reading

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Destroyed For Comfort – Vaginoplasty EP

artist: Destroyed For Comfort title: Vaginoplasty EP keywords: experimental industrial new goth witch house Portland website: http://genderidentitywitch.com/ The Vaginoplasty EP begins with the extra ordinary experience of going through the Oxycodone. It’s best to wear a bathing costume as this … Continue reading

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ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş – Āłmįģħŧŷ Đęįŧįęŝ Kįŝŝįŋģ

Artist: ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş Title: Āłmįģħŧŷ Đęįŧįęŝ Kįŝŝįŋģ keywords: electronic classical opera witch witch house France Ït śtärtš wïth â träçk nãmêd Āłmįģħŧŷ Đęįŧįęŝ Kįŝŝįŋģ (W H I † E Remix) whïçh ïñśtâñtłÿ ïñdùçëd â šürrêãł dårk rómâñtíç ßmöøth ātmòsphéré tò … Continue reading

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MushroomWavedcollar – Distillation

Artist: MushroomWavedcollar title: Distillation keywords: experimental, chillout, dissociative, electronic, emotional, fusion, illbient, psychedelic, screwgaze, techno, witch house, город Смоленск MushroomWavedcollar doesn’t seem to have time for bullshit; no seconds are spilled and no minutes are wasted. Straight out of the … Continue reading

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Mmöner – Training Saga

Artist: Mmöner title: Training Saga keywords: experimental, japan,glitch,rain dragon records, underground, vaporwave, video game soundtrack, witch house, Vancouver label: Rainbow Dragon Records Take a trip to memory lane, going through the passages of early electronica freedom and hear this recent … Continue reading

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Witch House (an insider/outsider look + recommendations)

Witch House (an insider look + recommendations) words by: Willem van O. & secret Witch House informant. Witch House is a house full of witches.’ Think that series that you’ve never have seen ‘Full House’ with all cast members (even … Continue reading

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(o)†hers – Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ

artist: (o)†hers title: Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ keywords: devotional, ambient, electronic, drag, drone, horror, witch house, Germany label: Whi†e http://whiteceiling.bandcamp.com/ Ron D’Andrea’s (o)†hers is back with one of the strangest releases on the Whi†e label yet. It’s name is Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ  and … Continue reading

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Arnvs – LCFR or: A Triptych of the Dawn Bringer

artist: Arnvs title: LCFR or: A Triptych of the Dawn Bringer keywords: electronic, experimental, electronic, minimal, minimalism, seapunk, witch house, Monterrey label: Σшρτγ https://www.facebook.com/EmptyMty reviewer: Willem van O. Colorful butterflies tickle under the wet surfaces of the elbows, elastic legs … Continue reading

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Mmöner – Misty Skin

Artist: Mmöner title: Misty Skin keywords: alternative, cosmos, alien, dream pop, experimental, electronic, lunar house, outer space, psychotic, vaporwave, witch house, techno Misty Skin is a story about ghosts, phantoms, as well as invisible beings and what is happening on … Continue reading

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Santiago Paskuda – Cradle my Rock

artist: Santiago Paskuda title: Cradle my Rock keywords: experimental, industrial, metal, dark wave, ebm, industrial, witch house, Zaporizhzhya To be an artist that produces music that is in the middle of genres that normally can’t stand the sight of each … Continue reading

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