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AFA Presents… – My Invisible Friend Vol​.​2

Artists: Various title: My Invisible Friend Vol.2 keywords: experimental acoustic electronica world music labeL: AFA http://www.afasoundmachine.com/ Dear invisible friend(s), This is one of the most fun albums and concepts that are out there. The idea is simple, putting two artists … Continue reading

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Robin Baugh – A Rising Wave

Artist: Robin Baugh title: A Rising Wave keywords: World, celtic, ambient, new age, iPad webstie:  http://www.robinbaugh.com/ Like a modern day crusader of calming minstrel materials ‘Robin Baugh’ battles the old guard of the classic music makers. Her slow sword / instrument … Continue reading

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AUOH – automata – digital detox

Artist: AUOH title: automata – digital detox Keywords: experimental electronic improvisational noise soundtrack space rock spacemusic world music Winnipeg Music from a real world of horrors pops in with ‘real world machine’s bombastic sound that reminds of large dinosaurs rocking … Continue reading

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Safir Nòu – Groundless

artist: Safir Nòu title: Groundless format: CD / Digital keywords: acoustic acoustic guitar cinematic jazz world music Cagliari Safir Nòu brings us ‘Groundless’ a complete work that would easily be digested by the community of united daydreamers. The music is … Continue reading

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Erasers – Stem Together

artist: Erasers title: Stem Together keywords: world Perth Today one of our favorite artists ‘Furchick’ recommended enthusiastically to listen to Erasers, a Australian band from Perth that will tour New Zealand pretty soon. Glad she actually pointed out where to … Continue reading

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Grosgoroth – Me Siento Mejor

Artist: Grosgoroth title: Me Siento Mejor keywords: bits electronic gameboy madrid pop thrash world Spain label: Chingaste La Confianza http://www.chingastelaconfianza.blogspot.com/ Grosgoroth must be a name that would automatically make some people think ‘this must be gross’ but even though the … Continue reading

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Merzlux – No Worries About Love

Artist: Merzlux title: No Worries About Love cat: Merz000001 format: Tape (limited to 4 copies) keywords: Folk, World, & Country label: Genetic Tapes http://genetic-tapes.jimdo.com The enormous discography of Merzbow is on the line by a new artist in town. This … Continue reading

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Zhang Si’an (Djang San 张思安) – Folk songs noone will listen to.

Artist: Zhang Si’an (Djang San 张思安) Title: Folk songs noone will listen to. keywords: alternative electronic folk rock world zhongruan 北京市 artist website: http://www.zhangsian.com/ When my eyes noticed an album titled ‘Folk songs noone will listen to’ I had to … Continue reading

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The First Baboon Civilization – The First Baboon Civilization

artist: The First Baboon Civilization title: The First Baboon Civilization keywords: melbourne world beautiful freejazz record tape weird Australia label: Moontown Records http://www.moontown-records.com/ The First Baboon Civilization’s The First Baboon Civilization is kinda weird. But how could someone expect differently … Continue reading

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The Gnouvment – 85°

artist: The Gnouvment title: 85° keywords: world comedy dirty fart fart porn fonz gnouv grok porn San Diego reviewer: Simon Hit Lately we might had a few too much fart jokes in our midst. A while back we also covered … Continue reading

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