Who Are We?

Yeah I Know It Sucks, but..
Who The Hell Are These People?
Alex Spalding
is obsessed with music, particularly percussion and rhythm. He is also a multi-instrumentalist spending a lot of time mastering and producing music.
He is also the operator behind the Noise-Joy net label that officially died in October of 2008. Currently a co-owner of X.O.S. Musick. Next to that he likes to listen to a lot of different music, which makes him the perfect quality reviewer for Yeah I Know It Sucks

stands for Kai Nobuko who is also known as Toxic Chicken, Covolux and others.
Next to making experimental diary music with his craptop, he is fairly interested in music that not everyone seems to appreciate. Highly addicted to lobit music , he runs the lobit labels Top Of The Flops and floppy diskette based SPTOtfSP.
His obviously bad  taste in music is one of his key trademarks, making him a great reviewer for Yeah I Know It Sucks.

8902_527486497308235_724651866_nJohan Nederpel

The man with the great love for taped music, noise
and the beautifully strange experimental works!
Mostly known for his work as Caelicus Pugna and the to new to mention music projects. He is above all the King of the Blibs!
And dribbles in various mediums, is the creative director of the Europe office of SP records an a damn fine critic!

The Doll
The Doll a lover of toys, trash, junk, & vocals. She can be found inflicting improvisation on the No-Audience Overground: contact miking park benches, scraping plastic sporks on grills in subterranean art galleries, & playing noisy solos on toilet hand dryers. Above all, The Doll loves collaboration.


1Graham Boosey
The Southend on Sea, Uk based best music scout, top interviewer and passionate music lover, radio host, Graham Boosey; famous for his music as ‘Rainbow Valley’ and ‘Little Penguin’ is using his passion and love to interview the best musicians you definitely deserve to hear about!


Furchick challenges herself to make musical instruments from toys, household items and home made automata. She performs an experimental live sound at the crossover between art and science. In her home studio, Furchick incorporates field recordings from the natural environment, living things and every day urban sounds.


Former head of SPNet label and the man behind Doomettes! Now he’s writing reviews for YIKIS, running the label The Revolution Will Occur After Naptime, and… monkeying around.

Carrie N.Carrie N. (CN)
Graphic designer, photographer, field recordist, electronic musician,
occasional reviewer from Sweden. Writing poetry in two languages,
in English, på svenska. Working with video sometimes.
Drawing comics. Aspie.

willemvanoWillem van O.
Someone elite and important who lives a life in luxury.
Willem van O wants to be anonymous for obvious reasons.
fun fact: has never touched a instrument or musician.


Gets grouchy/cranky/way too frickin excited
makes some weird schtuff
Wayne Rex
I hail from Dorset, UK and I’m a freelance drummer, playing solo stuff, session stuff and the other half of the duo EUH! Specialising in free jazz (though not that keen on that label) free improvisation, jazz, experimental, psychedelic, electronica etc.. the list goes on. As a beard enthusiast you will find me actively protesting outside local hipster headquarters to ban them from making my chosen facial wig, fashionable. Discovering new music has always been my greatest love. Even my son and whisky know that they have to take second and third place, respectively, in my life (Damn, accidently quoted the Beatles.. I don’t like the Beatles) so writing up my wee reviews for underground artist is an absolute pleasure!

runa for yikisLuna ARKW aka p0stm0rtem
avant-garde / noisy music maker.
part time YIKIS writer.

hank5Hank, Think Thank
Hmm… I am a ex virgin reviewer.. Hmm…
My name is Hank… Nice to meet you…
Hmm… I don’t know anything about hmm.. music..
But Hmm.. my intentions are good…

A very talented hamster with a delicate taste and opinion.
Has a broad interest in all kinds of music so well as a listener as a creator.
Studied journalism at the conservatorium Den Haag
and is the manager of a few bands that are too hot to handle.

LRLuis Resquin
luis Resquin is a Brazilian artist who can not speak English very well, so does his reviews in Portuguese. lover of things poorly done and lo-fi music. president and founder of MASMORRA label, which in English means “dungeon”, but its actually a 1,5 meters high basement. sometimes he eats radish and is addicted to cartoons.

IMG_0062Kevin Siegel
Kevin Siegel is a Venezuelan-born sound aficionado who first started to release cheap bedroom noise stuff on Florida Noise Ordinance Records and later formed his own netlabel, Ratsheegas of Terrain Records and now releases mostly collaboration tracks with a different name each time and with literally any artist who is interested in doing so. He also records free iRiffs for Rifftrax.com
Hello I’m Mermaidman. I’m named after my condition which is being a mermaidman.
I have different qualities compared to all the reviewers writing over here… most importantly is that i have no ears… It’s great because when i swim under water (that’s what i do as a mermaidman) I will have no chance of getting water in my ears.

Cameron Thomson
Cameron is a Scottish music enthusiast who makes,
listens and is now reviewing

peresPeres Holtin
Critic, mass media consultant, commercial ass buddy, flamboyant ice cream enjoy-er.
early pensioner, self loving arrogant narcissist.
And free lance writer of total crap reviews.

There are more reviewers writing for this blog and many guest apearances too. A list of people who so kindly donated their time and opinions to the underground is in the making. But in the meantime, just keep an eye on the blog for fresh updates.

p.s. get in touch if you want your review featured on the site…


13 Responses to Who Are We?

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  2. Gori says:


  3. I am very entertained by these descriptions 🙂

  4. I too pretty much collab with any and everyone. So hit me up if interested. http://bradleyvoorhees.com

  5. Paul T. Hommerson says:

    A good music&art site!

  6. Mournful salute and reverence,
    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
    I invite you to discover the Darkness that is TAPHOPHILIA
    Enter the gates and get ready for…
    “A soundtrack to your funeral…”
    Love is the Law, love under will,
    The Reverend Maelstrohm Black

  7. I says:

    Thank you for still doing this stuff that is not shit Mr. Nobuko :)! You are like an nice apparition of my past!

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