Noisegekanker A Gogo – Mijn Paradijs (NJMP3-0284)

Noisegekanker A Gogo - Mijn Paradijs

Words! Words everywhere! What do they all mean!? I think… no, I’m reasonably sure there is nothing to be alarmed about… it’s just telling us that this art belongs to an album titled Mijn Paradijs by Noisegekanker A Gogo and then gives us a tracklist, as well as a catalog number.

Artist: Noisegekanker A Gogo
Title: Mijn Paradijs
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0284
Keywords: Hardcore, Noise, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

It’s been awhile since my last Noise-Joy re-upload / review, so… I figured… sure, why not?

This gem is a piece of heralded noise shits from Noisegekanker A Gogo, a sonic artist who at time of release was I believe squatting someplace in the Netherlands…

… which gets me thinking… wouldn’t it be interesting if there were a theme park based on the Netherlands?

We could call it… NetherWorld! And we would have to make sure there were plenty of this AND this, just so that everyone’s expectations were met.

No… never mind. Expropriating and exploiting a culture for the entertainment of others is terrible. I know the denizens of Hades would be pissed.

Anyway, the first track on this is called ‘Buttfuck Boogie’, which is not a bad description for exactly how you’ll feel in the first few seconds! There’s a sort of shitbeat, someone’s squelching, line-fed voice gurgling, then the tempo rises suddenly. Oh, and then there’s also some horrible noise. Signal breakdown. It’s total poo. It will make you feel a number of things… like, maybe a strong desire to turn the volume down as quickly as possible, or like laughing nervously and apologizing to anyone else who might be in the room with you, or silently hurting inside. It’s ok. The distorted beat is cracking with pressure from degenerate, digital distortion effects.

Next is ‘Elektro Stress’, or what I like to call Fax Machine Abortion. That should be its subtitle. Under the wall of harsh noise it sounds as if vocal patterns are being flayed, like flesh by a cat o’nine fishhooks. It’s actually a pretty fascinating noise experiment. It sounds like every appliance in a house is screaming angrily at one another. The refrigerator is like, “Damnit, toaster, you burnt the bread again!!!” and the toaster is like, “Fuck you, you think you’re so cool.” You don’t even wanna know what the toilet is saying, it’s a total potty mouth.

‘Plague Mangonel’ is the echoing, spinning laughter that one afflicted with social anxiety hears in their head all day.

Then we come to the titular ‘Mijn Paradijs’, a thrashing noisescapade. Lots of electricity flowing through the veins of this track, it’s like power tools on the fritz. You’ll want to punch yourself in the face until it’s over. That’s ok, really how much damage can you do in just 2:43?..

… afterward, it’s ‘Liefde Is’, which feels like a continuation of exactly the same heavy noise session! Shit. Enjoy exactly 3:00 of more self-abuse, before we arrive at the finale…

… titled ‘Feeling Groovy’. Oh, yes, I certainly do! It’s just some noise though, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Well… feel up to this? Think you can handle this noise? If you are, I’ll just trust you with this very special link, to be cherished forever…

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