The Books

YIKIS – Underground Music Reviews vol.2

Yeah I Know It Sucks – Underground Music Reviews Vol.2 ——————————————————–
A fabulous book with 490 pages of pure & honest shiterature
featuring a enormous amount of psychotic music reviews
from physical DIY releases to free downloadable netreleases
a wonderful interview with Moloch/Saturn from absence, Floppy Noise,
exclusive sexiness, all the hips Cassette Tape reviews
and of course a whole lot of letters forming words and sentences!
A must have in everyone’s collection!
A perfect guide book into the unknown of underground music.
click here to see more info about who and what is inside..
but another great option is to get this book by clicking at the:
click here <–


YIKIS – Underground Music Reviews vol.1

Yeah I Know It Sucks – Underground Music Reviews Vol.1

Black and White explanation:
A collection of music reviews and interviews
from the first year of Yeah I Know it Sucks.
Colorful Explanation:
Just open the pages and you will be transported back
to the blissful sounds and memories of the 2012
indie-electronica-noise-bitcore-bitrate scene.
All those agonizing sounds
your mom, dad, boyfriend,
girlfriend, dog, and cat hated.
You remember—
the sounds with pitches and tones that killed your pet parakeet?
And your dog that was totally “normal” before is now cross eyed and sports a faux Mohawk and skinny jeans?
list of artists mentioned in the book _ more info here
476pages, of discovering netreleases & DIY music!
to get yourself a luxuriously thick historic book:
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YIKIS - Floppy Diskette Reviews Vol. 1

YIKIS – Floppy Diskette Reviews Vol. 1

Yeah I Know It Sucks – Floppy Diskette Reviews Vol.1

It’s a book with all the YIKIS  floppy diskette reviews from 2012
to +_Jun 2015, interviews with floppy disk people,
floppy reports & floppy fun! A great toilet book for floppy lovers!
here read our review (info) of our own review book of flop reviews..
336 pages, lots of floppy artists & bad grammar!
to get yourself one of these sexy beauties:
click here <–

published by SP-AM

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