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By This River – Lantern

Artist: By This River Title: Lantern keywords: classical, atmospheric, guitar, contemporary, ethereal, orchestral, piano, reviewer: Willem van O. Let’s stand By This River with a Lantern and hear what happens. A most heavenly sounding female voice start to sing in … Continue reading

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Mr Pregnant – Manboobs

artist: Mr Pregnant title: Manboobs keywords: Pop, comedy There was a time that I was active following a Mr Pregnant on youtube. Mr. Pregnant is this big guy who likes to put in fake teeth and sometimes wears a pan … Continue reading

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Hectic Head – Slim Gravy

Artist: Hectic Head title: Slim Gravy keywords: experimental Study the mind by Hectic Head is preferred to be listened in a darkened room with perhaps a burning candle as a light, a bottle of wine and something soft to sit … Continue reading

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artist: LADYDOG title: BITCH PLEASE keywords: chill wave, experimental, house, new wave, techno, vaporware, dog The horns are horning! They announce that the release of the day has arrived and it’s all about dogs! Brought to you by the very … Continue reading

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gvozdi gnilyh grobo – ĦƱŁƱD₦▲¥▲ ŁU₦▲ (raw shit SĦUR▲ cover) [single]

Artist: gvozdi gnilyh grobo Title: ĦƱŁƱD₦▲¥▲ ŁU₦▲ (raw shit SĦUR▲ cover) [single] Keywords: witch house, drug pop, dance pop label: Angry Arnold Records Wiggle that ass and pretend to be Pluto the Disney dog, while walking rhythmically on all … Continue reading

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Origami Repetika – The Odor of Team Spirit

artist: Origami Repetika title: The Odor of Team Spirit keywords: oh my goodness, electronica, visuals, video Oh My goodness! The Odor of Team Spirit! Isn’t it great? Especially when teamed up with the visuals by MilkDrop2? It’s almost like experiencing … Continue reading

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Øjne / Улыбайся Ветру – Split

Artists: Øjne / Улыбайся Ветру title: split Format: 7″ vinyl Keywords: screamo, noise, emo, hardcore, post-hardcore, punk Labels: Pike Records [DE] ,It’s a Trap! Records [US] ,Flood Records [BE] ,Zegema Beach Record [CA], Unlock Yourself Records [RU] ,La Agonia De … Continue reading

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Nihilistic Delusion – Overthrown

Artist: Nihilistic Delusion title: Overthrown cat: Siro717 keywords: black noise label: Sirona-Records Look at the artwork of this Nihilistic Delusion release.. Isn’t that the shadow of Bart Simpson? For what I can make up he looks a bit taller, … Continue reading

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Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh… – Split

Artists: Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh… Title: Split Cat:  FCKSPL 007 Format: Floppy Diskette Keywords: experimental, ambient Label: Floppy Kick Shhh… Is a project covering anarchistic electronic post-industrial avant-garde experimental noise art-punk metal brokenbeat music made by an individual called Rui Bentes. … Continue reading

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Postcode -This Day Will Come (video)

artist: Postcode title: This Day Will Come (video) keywords: zebracore label: Small Bear Records reviewer: Zebra Ztalker It may not be a good thing to admit, but I have something with zebra’s. I like to stare at them, maybe even … Continue reading

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