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Mark Williams – NUMB

artist: Mark Williams title: NUMB keywords: diy, pop, bass, pop, chill, dream, pop, electro, pop, electronic, glitter, pop, indie pop, synth pop ,California There is no artist in the world that is worth your time then the one and only … Continue reading

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Embargos Paradox – Waffles & Pancakes

artist: Embargos Paradox title: Waffles & Pancakes keywords: ambient, cooldown, crazy, keyboard, synth, Green Bay reviewer: Willem van O. Most people like Waffles or Pancakes, some of them like them even both. I’m not really a waffle-fan, but won’t say … Continue reading

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John Burggraaf – The Heart of Aishling

Artist: John Burggraaf title: The Heart of Aishling keywords: ambient, singing bowls, meditation, relaxing, sound art, yoga, Tilburg reviewer: Simon Cowbell John Burggraaf does bring exactly what the cover of this release seems to suggest. Him playing those tone-creators in … Continue reading

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Corey B. – The Guitar Hero Sessions II

Artist: Corey B. title: The Guitar Hero Sessions II keywords: boogie-woogie, comedy, funk, funny, rock, rock & roll, scooby doo, stupid, Australia reviewer: Simon Cowbell First some lies: ‘Corey B’ the hottest and funkiest rock star on everyone’s notes to … Continue reading

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Hassan K. – Wahy

Artist: Hassan. K title: Wahy keywords: electronic, experimental, breakbeats, breakcore, weirdo, oriental, noise, surf, psychedelic, insanity, reviewer: your dope dealer Forget about that Special K that you do with your friends (or alone) to tranquilize that inner horse of yours; … Continue reading

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Ssów – Improved Magnetic Electrical Machine

artist: Ssów title: Improved Magnetic Electrical Machine keywords: electronic, experimental, DIY, ambient, outsider, beats, label: Weakie Discs Ssów is an electronic musician and composer from the Russian Federation province, and the obvious owner of enough talent and urge to … Continue reading

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Lucy Jane Garcia & Vomir – Lucy Jane Garcia / Vomir Split

artist: Lucy Jane Garcia & Vomir title: Lucy Jane Garcia / Vomir Split  keywords: experimental, hnw, tnw, harsh noise, harsh noise wall, lucy jane garcia ,queer noise ,social justice, social justice music, trans noise wall, vomir ,Belgrade label: Confusion Specialist … Continue reading

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