Jared C. Balogh – Polka-Hugs

artist: Jared C. Balogh
title: Polka-Hugs
keywords: Avant-Garde, Jazz, Classical, Noise, Experimental, Electroacoustic, Composed Music

Jared C. Balogh brings a piano work that reminds me of the classical experimental madmen-composer Satie when playing for the weird artistic movies of the artistic crazy times. I don’t remember the names of these movies but I’m sure the spy agency google will be happy to assist you if you want to find them. Black and white surrealist movies with eggs, pipes, and a coffin rolling down the hill & a parade of people following it; pretty wonderful stuff!

Jared C. Balogh his work here reminds me if this playfulness and ways of expressing certain chapters within his composition. It’s a piece that is perfect for video artists, documentary makers or basically anyone who needs music to attach to their visual video project. You can download this track for free at the following link:

But next to delivering this lovely piece of music for everyone to use freely, the artist (with help from great friends & amazing cast and an incredible dog!) also delivers the track with an incredible inspiring story of finding the perfect job to be able to pay the rent. Trust me, even though my description might sound not so inviting; the movie is certainly something you probably wouldn’t have thought to see in your entire life time & yet here it is:

cute, eh? I would hire this dog any time for sure! woof!

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2 Responses to Jared C. Balogh – Polka-Hugs

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  2. Roo says:

    RIP Jared 😿 never even knew you guys covered him!

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