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open invitation for the Floppy Fetish meeting

Your invited for the Floppy Fetish meeting Floppy Disks are sentimental pieces that a generation grew up with as their pride and joy. They wobbled when they first appeared, then they shrunk in outside appearance, but at the same time … Continue reading

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Jjoth / Razxca – Split

Artists: Jjoth / Razxca title: Split keywords: experimental, cassette culture, ecco jamz, internetcore, newbreed, retrowave, Moscow Jjoth opens this split among the greatest with a track named ‘Viv’. it is here that the experimental artist provides a mysterious electronic work … Continue reading

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MAMAIA_2084 – MAMAIAWAVE Floppy Disk

Artist: MAMAIA_2084 title: MAMAIAWAVE Floppy Disk keywords: vaporwave, electronic, lo-fi, chillwave, ambient, electronic reviewer: Fred Oppy 2014 was an excellent year for floppy enthusiasts and the uprising of the vaporwave genre. But the combination of these two is strangely (even … Continue reading

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Wizard In Danger – Welcome To Anti-Hop

Artist: Wizard In Danger title: Welcome To Anti-Hop keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, industrial, house, vaporwave label: Garbage Men Puking Netlabel Let me tell you.. or… excuse me.. Let me inform you about the Anti-Hop movement. It’s a phenomena coming … Continue reading

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dj physique magnifigue – ep 1

artist dj physique magnifigue title: ep 1 cat: 20k106 keywords: microhouse, lobit label: 20kbps reviewer: Leo Obit Back in the history books of the internet there was a label that still exist because of firmly rooting its firm roots … Continue reading

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Maltez – po-16 symphony

Artist: Maltez title: po-16 symphony cat: 8R098 keywords: IDM, electroacoustic, lobit label: 8Ravens Like a fortunate wave of insaneness ‘Maltez’ brings a fine monologue of mono lobit fuckery. This might be our ear savior; bringing a ridiculous radical mix … Continue reading

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Shinji – Myst

Artist: Shinji Title: Myst Keywords: electronic, composed, Melodic, classical, dream pop, paris Label: URL Future This album starts with a slight sizzling sound that seems to open up like a flower’s knob. There it stands firm in the sun, … Continue reading

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Sacha Müller – 8k Techno

artist: Sacha Müller title: 8k Techno keywords: techno, electronic, lobit, 8kbps label: 8ravens 8Ravens is probably one of the bravest and tightest netlabels around that keeps its focus on a specific part of music that might as well be … Continue reading

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Furchick – Suck

Artist: Furchick title: Suck keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental, field recordings, noise, punk, science, London label: Fag Ash Records Furchick opens ‘Suck’ with some lose lightweight collage of cowgirl whistling, rattle snake drum chop , Dadaist counting duck impressions, and an … Continue reading

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Superhand – Bass And Guns

artist: Superhand title: Bass And Guns keywords: single, massive attack, portishead, electronic, band, words by: Bertus Ullshit Hey Yeah I know it sucks, New electronic band ‘Superhand’ release new single ‘Bass And Guns’ as a taster to their forthcoming EP … Continue reading

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