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person/people – Internet Love Music

Artist: person/people title: Internet Love Music keywords: experimental, idm, dance, electronica, experimental, electronic, love, people, person, porn, pornographic, romance, romance-drone, vaporwave, Tuvalu Sometimes a modern internet artist knows exactly what has been missing in our modern day culture, something from … Continue reading

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Mark Williams – Just A Memory (None)

Artist: Mark Williams Title: Just A Memory Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Dream Pop, Electro Pop, Synth Pop, Pop Reviewer: Alex Spalding One of the things about the world and about life that can be great or really sucky depending … Continue reading

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From the Willowmeadow – Overcity Dreams

Artist: From the Willowmeadow title: Overcity Dreams cat: Siro763 keywords: lobit, ambient, drone, other Label: Sirona-Records Hypermarkets is everything you would enjoy if you are into fuzzy warm minimal ambient. It has this simplicity over it that is unpretentious … Continue reading

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Instagon – Live At Witch Room

Artist: Instagon Title: Live At Witch Room Keywords: experimental, improvisation, rock, jazz, noise, outsider, Sacramento Words by: Bertus Ullshit Instagon’s Live At Witch Room is an online music service that enables its users to take a look at a picture … Continue reading

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Cássio Figueiredo – Diário

artist: Cássio Figueiredo title: Diário keywords: ambient, drone, experimental, noise, Volta, Redonda reviewer: Sleepwalker John The day I met Dia 1 was the day in which my sleepwalking walking tour brought me to a performance of a local orchestra, after … Continue reading

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The Dead Heads – The Dead Heads Save America

Artists: The Dead Heads Title: The Dead Heads Save America format: CD / digital keywords: america, experimental, comedy, crazy, electronic, keyboard, weird, United States reviewer: Mark X 29 tracks done by The Dead Heads, it’s a task for all who … Continue reading

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Panq Ng – Goo Log, Jr

artist: Panq Ng title: Goo Log, Jr keywords: diy, devotional, Dubai, evil, independent, indie, latin, love, noise, positive, post-music, punk, shark, Chicago It takes a special kind of band to produce music that can turn me on in a nonstop … Continue reading

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Mr Eurodisco – Wanna Make You Dance

artist: Mr Eurodisco title: Wanna Make You Dance keywords: eurodisco, eurotrance, eurodance, eutotechno, euro-something reviewer: Willem van O. Mr Eurodisco is the artist name for the swedish eurodisco producer Fredrik Åkerström, he makes eurodance, sings, writes and is also a … Continue reading

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Sashash Ulz – karelian balsam

Artist: Sashash Ulz Title: karelian-balsam Format: tape / digital Keywords: experimental, electronic, ambient, psychedelic Label: attenuation circuit Reviewer: Arie van der Snee  When jumping into the release by Sashash Uls you will be automatically greeted by some kind of … Continue reading

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Gnesa – Wilder

Artist: Gnesa Title: Wilder Keywords: pop Reviewer: Sentimental Theo In October 2012 a fabulous singing artist named Gnesa launched herself in the music business with a potent hit single named ‘Wilder’. Her music video became a widespread internet sensation and … Continue reading

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