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Noisegekanker A Gogo – Mijn Paradijs (NJMP3-0284)

Artist: Noisegekanker A Gogo Title: Mijn Paradijs Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0284 Keywords: Hardcore, Noise, Experimental Reviewer: Alex Spalding It’s been awhile since my last Noise-Joy re-upload / review, so… I figured… sure, why not? This gem is a piece of … Continue reading

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Lost In Japan – Nacreous (None)

Artist: Lost In Japan Title: Nacreous Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Experimental, Ambient, Ethereal, Soundscape, Spiritual Vibes Reviewer: Alex Spalding Ohayou gozaimasuuuu~~! =^_^= Let’s lost in Japan together! This album, by none-other than Lost In Japan, is titled Nacreous. The … Continue reading

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Various Artists – New Year compilation 2014

artists: Various title: New Year compilation 2014 keywords: electronic, dance, techno, eurodance, jumpstyle, alternative label: Intox Noise It’s a transition from an old year into a new one. We celebrate it by loading up and getting wasted and at … Continue reading

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Ichtyor Tides – Eever Schapes

artist: Ichtyor Tides title: Eever Schapes format: Cassette keywords: electronic, experimental, exploratory, music, ambient, drone, noise label:  A Giant Fern An neatly long tonal source of minimal harmony has dissolved many headaches, but the one that artist Ichtyor Tides  … Continue reading

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Microwolf – You Are The Everything

artist: Microwolf title: You Are The Everything format: CD-r / digital download keywords: folk, experimental, fieldrecordings, a capella This morning when the Yeah I Know It Sucks mailbox was getting emptied, one of our unpaid assistants screeched out a panicky … Continue reading

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The Cosmic Setter – 27

artist: The Cosmic Setter title: 27 keywords: Indie Pop label: Enough Records The Cosmic Setter is a indie pop sensation hailing from the land of warm hats, winter-coats, vodka, chess & the legendary background of the retro game Tetris; … Continue reading

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ASSUAJE – E kest va’pe kell

artist: ASSUAJE title: E kest va’ pe kell keywords: experimental, noise, soundscape label: Attenuation Circuit If you live in a house without noisy neighbor, you might be blessed. But sometimes there might be benefits in heaving a noisy neighbor as … Continue reading

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Suffer In Vietnam – Kristsmashed

artist: Suffer In Vietnam title: Kristsmashed keywords: noise, harsh noise, experimental, sound collage label: Mindblasting Christmas has left the building, time for a big cleanup and clearance sale! You just know that if you buy your Christmas balls after Christmas, … Continue reading

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Various Artists – A Very Wrieuw Christmas

artists: various title: a very wrieuw Christmas keywords: Christmas compilation label: wrieuw recordings Wrieuw! Nice to meet you! I’m Robbie, a thai street cat living in the old town of Bangkok. My normal routine would be just going from … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol.8

artists: Various title: Anathology Vol.8 keywords: soundtrack, ambient, electronic, lo-fi, post-rock, noise label: Tape-Safe The B Side Project starts this new fascinating compilation of with a one minute track involving things in reverse, vinyl crackles and strings. It’s such a … Continue reading

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