Gica Craioveanu – Romani techno

Artist: Gica Craioveanu
title: Romani techno
keywords: electronic, analog, experimental, korg, Romania techno
reviewer: Mark X

Romani Techno’ what is it and are non-Romani’s able to appreciate it?
We can’t be certain that the artist of this release covers the all mass Romani Techno sound, but who knows? If this is just a hint of what Romani Techno is, then Romani Techno is pretty different than non-Romani Techno styles.

There are the elements of repetitively procession of loops, but it sounds in general more experimental, even a bit more arty. When my ears are out to analyze such a more steady Romani Techno loop moment it is so well a pleasure as a pain to go through the transition of a sound that could come from the flute of a boiling water kettle into a noisier element. It’s all a bit more crispy, flaky and at times just plain silly.

It’s as if Romani Techno unzipped its trousers to reveal a taco that simply doesn’t give a shit about all other techno creations. It’s not a negative thing, as this might be the opposite of negative. It’s like Romani Techno takes on the concept of minimal hipster techno that is so cool in some parts in Europe right now, and enriched it with noises and slight nods to avant-garde.

Romani Techno is pretty much a live sounding improvisational performance than the chewed out pre made presets that most other non-Romani Techno tracks are dealing with. Some of it is a bit ‘mwah’ but other moment are a bit more like ‘oh yes bring it on!’.

A good example of a Romani Techno track that we at the office of Yeah I Know It Sucks loved is ‘Droberta Tr. Severin’. It’s like electric woodblocks and glass bottles are being ticked on by a spastic robot while some kind of experimentation is being performed on a sound creator device that might be a synthesizer. No melodies or funky tunes, but more checking out what kind of sounds can come out of the machine and see if it somehow fits with the woodblocks. And even if it doesn’t: Romani Techno doesn’t exclude them either! Romani Techno is pretty sociable and non-discriminant against the more odder sounds or non-sounds it seems.

In fact unlike most techno Romani Techno doesn’t have any pressure or seemingly an intention to make its listeners dance. It can be done though; but it isn’t the first, second or the third point on the Romani Techno agenda it seems. The most high educational form of Romani Techno that is performed for example in the final track of this release could definitely make you swing a bit; but it’s not like a swinging party but more like a softly swinging baby in a pair of mothers arms. Very comfortable from left to right and right to left and maybe even from back to front and front to back.

But it’s the live sounding sounds of experiment that strikes me the most in this Romani Techno discovery. If you are a Romani Techno lover you’ll probably love this release, if you have never heard of it; it’s a good opportunity to let your ears get in touch with it. But if you are one of those techno lovers that for some reason want to stick with the usual techno, than it’s advised to better leave the Romani Techno for the Romani Techno lovers.
Romani Techno can be heard over at this link:

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