This Is Where the Fish Lives – The Lemon Kittens EP

artist: This Is Where the Fish Lives
title: The Lemon Kittens EP
keywords: alternative artpunk avant-garde avant-punk covers dark cabaret experimental gothic instrumental post-industrial vintage weird Ypsilanti

Not so long ago I stumbled upon The Lemon Kittens EP, it contained just three tracks, but this (along with the irresistible cover art) was enough to draw a fake cat mustache on my face in able to look intelligent enough to take the little journey of music. Yes, you are reading it right; as a true cat I touched these cats with ears and mustache & underneath are my beloved findings.

The music describing ‘The Amerikan Cousin‘ makes me sketch him into a man with a bottle of gin hidden under his long coat, classic style with big hat and high color, yet clearly hasn’t a great walk, perhaps a bit rusty in the legs. Has a heavy head, perhaps tired from traveling over the sea, as the cousin seems to come from a time in which airplanes for travelers wasn’t invented. There is something sweet and something sad about this cousin, perhaps it’s just that he feels a bit out of place and disorientated. The music describing this person sounds pretty well; an artist impression of the cousin with pencil on paper could be easily done with such a wordless track. Classy material, something Sherlock Holmes would give a thumbs up.

Lycanthrothene does contain words, they are even done in a singing way. The rhythmic music of a trashy sounding guitar and a pair of never stopping feet stepping around to create a basekick is a nice minimal formula of psychedelic delight. But the voice is the magic sparkle that sprinkles the hallucinative elements really nicely all over the work. Makes me feel like sitting in a bush after mistakenly eating a poisonous mushroom that opened up natural super powers; like the ability to converse with the cats and make friends with each member of a large field of grass…

What the Cat Brought In‘ is taking it a few floors deeper in to the chapters of the ability to step out of your third eye in order to walk around in a brain soaked in unknown psychedelic material. Might be a case of an after effect of licking a poisonous toad it’s back, sipping from a fresh pot of tea spiked with fresh LSD, chewing on those magic mushrooms, choking on a cactus or just a heavy dose of healthy spirituality… Whatever it is, or whatever it was; the music touches greatly upon a higher relationship with the universe, nature and open mindedness; the voices functions as a modern day witch doctor through the process of wisdom.

I found the shortness of the EP quite comfortable and pleasant, making it a cute and friendly audio trip for anyone (with or without a drawn ((or real!)) cat mustache) to check out, and feed their curiosity. Here it is: Meow!

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