Caracoa – End of Kings

Artist: Caracoa
Title: End of Kings
Keywords: electronic ambient lo-fi techno Newport

Caracoa’s end of Kings is all about warm sound and getting hypnotized by it. From a very hot heath, to a pure form of repetitiveness, something that has that slight pulse that will take you to a sound that will defeat the cold easily.

Electric air’ is the first track on this fine little release of sounds that form music. It made me think of that time that i slept in a small room and forgot to switch off the electric heather and woke up in a dried out rubbery way, as if I had taken a long nightly nap in a sauna. The air was dry and so is this music, it certainly is warm too; still it wasn’t the best of memories that it dug up.

But things changed on my personal listening adventure, as than the warmth expanded and became ultimately banging in a hyper hypnosis form. The mellow tones seemed to be pushed on a bouncing kick, secretly having miniature melodies floating within them; it was as if the dried out air had been good fortune for hallucinations, lovingly banging them in for a fine state of an alternate universe. Time in Reverse seems to be made out of endless pleasure, growing its repetitive strokes along its way; perfect for anyone into a tripping experience.

A Warning Ignored’ keeps up the goodness of the essential intoxication through overheating in lucid ways. Here the warmth melts together with a crackling sweetness, rolls into it like an act of loops on repeat, providing a chillingly hot moment in which you could warm your hands and pleasure your ears.

This makes way for ‘Last Year on Earth’ , a mind relaxing piece of ambience that feels like a induction to a dream world in which everything is smooth and pleasant. It’s like a fluffy cloud, one that flows quietly around like a fairy godmother who kisses you with the touch of a very soft feather.

With the last track named the ‘End of Kings’ Caracoa deliciously flies us over a peaceful agreement, one that turns the heath down a notch, warming us up in the right amount for that final touch of psychedelic love and understanding. This will take us to a pleasurable end of the session, balancing the dry hotness out for its final warm touch of sweetness.

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