Metronhomme – Red Book Floppy Disk

Artist: Metronhomme
Title: Red Book Floppy Disk
Keywords: experimental blah blah dada glitch microtonal minimal Wrocław
Label: Default Label

It’s quite rare to find a release that is not just listenable as music, but also could be used as a handy tool in its very own unique useful way. This Red Book Floppy Disk by Metronhomme is definitely one in this category of handy goodies. It’s highly concentrated on its concept, but that makes it one of those uncompromising things that might be prettily far out there, yet seems to have the perfect right to be in any underground artist’s pocket.

So what is it? As I don’t have the physical product (a candid looking floppy diskette with a lossless audio image, a CD-R, plus a empty CD-R!) here in my hands, it’s hard to say this with 100 percent certainty; but from my imaginary perspective this release seems to be the metronome of the future. One that holds a steady time over time, classically changes its tone of sound as the seconds become minutes & if that’s on its one not just handy enough, it also feels like something comfortable to hear as a stand alone minimal music piece.

There is just something about it that made me think of the process of ‘counting sheep’ when you somehow can’t manage to go to sleep without doing so. Here the jumping sheep are seemingly replaced by the steady metronome sound and trust me; this works great as a kind weapon to battle severe sleep deprivation. (A little bit off topic; but Isn’t it funny how sheep and sleep is just a one letter difference?)

So yes, the conclusion as far as I can judge a red floppy book by its cover; this is handy for in a musician’s studio, a good tool to hold time in place, align your music with and rearrange your sloppy material into a tight arrangement. Or indeed also enjoyable not as a tool but as a music piece that with its steady rhythm and sensible minimalism, will have the nice power to seduce you into a relaxing mood. Not at all unpleasant this case of conceptual handiness!

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1 Response to Metronhomme – Red Book Floppy Disk

  1. Linda says:

    very soothing indeed! Lovely knisper knusper ❤

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