Kirsty Porter / C. Reider – Kirsty Porter / C. Reider – Split

Artists: Kirsty Porter / C. Reider
Title: Kirsty Porter / C. Reider Split
Keywords: experimental colorado field recording improvisation noise palmerston north London
Label: Dubbed Tapes

A split between two artists is always excited, wether it is a ballerina crotch hurting dance move or (in this case) a tape! This one shared between Kirsty Porter and C.Reider is one in which against all odds they feel together, making it a pleasant listen for anyone tuning in. Because of this fact I listened (with a handful of others) to this tape and here are my findings:

Orange Vase’s beginning is like being at the hairdresser, in the special designated hair salon chair right at the moment that the hairdresser is doing the finishing touches in the neck with the tonduese. Oh yes, some nice electric shaving minimising the hairs in our necks , sides or perhaps shaving it all off entirely: it never had sounded so good as presented here in audio form by Kirsty Porter! it could be drastic, but mostly it comes across as ticklish and refreshing at the same time. When everything is shaved Kirsty Porter flips the device off and feeds us the sound of relaxation.

You might think; what’s ‘the sound of relaxation?’ and because there is so many, it will be impossible for me to provide you with an answer. I guess it’s an whole area full of sound, clearly provided by hand, playfully played for utterly pleasant slackness in which we feel delightedly absorbed by opium in the musical kind. I was wondering why it was called ‘orange vase’ until the music actually transported me with the other listeners deep inside the base of the vase. Deeply tucked away with ‘friends’ of this tape we listened to Kirsty Porter singing words that echoes through the vase it’s insides. It creates a funny dubby sound that me and the fellow listeners all seem to enjoy as we all nod to each other with happy content faces of sheer appreciation.

At one moment we kindly wonder how an entire drum kit could be dragged into this environment and how among our midst a friendly barking doggy had also become a subject of audio scrutiny. But we said nothing, closed our eyes after accepting each other’s presence in this case of music & sank away deeply in the music. One that goes for a moving elevating sound and feel as Kirsty Porter decides to make us travel through the dark period. One that feels as if we are on a train that had lost control, going down the rail tracks with full speeds ahead and apparently no working breaks on board. And why would there be? I mean when you go on this journey nobody wants to call it quits. Especially when you realise that the ‘train stop’ will end in the wonderful bit in which there is jamming with Alice to be done. A lovely place in which we could just hang out on mattresses. Soft pillows and woolly blankets in audio form might be the best way to describe the music environment that this station is all about. We kick back and be all absorbing the coziness that this bit of the tape contains.

It goes hand in hand with the world that C.Reider has cooked up, one in which bees and birds, computer bleeps and pleasant noises all go hand in hand like an miraculous mixture of hand knitted field-recordings. It’s a pleasant listenable take that is as comfortable as the sound of a hypnotic car passing by, with deep drones colliding with the recordings to bring what the artist calls ‘The science of Inattention’ to the table, or in this case the ‘table’ means actually ‘ears’. It would be an amazing sweater if the audio bits had been wool, but as the musical content on this side of the split tape it feels exactly how it supposed to be! All pass by so quickly, even though it’s quite a lengthy knitting work, but in case of music that makes time fly; it’s always a sign that it’s absolutely the best thing to hear!

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1 Response to Kirsty Porter / C. Reider – Kirsty Porter / C. Reider – Split

  1. Kody feakins says:

    Amazing mahi kirsty! Love it.

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