Various Artists – Noise Bombing – Local Time | Green

Artists: various
Title: Local Time | Green by Noise Bombing
Keywords: experimental noise Indonesia
Label: Noise Bombing

Are you ready to have your imagination stimulated by a diverse group of artists that knows exactly how to pickle your senses through sound and music? All willing to take you into multiple adventures, escapades and unknown sceneries normally reserved for real life adventurers? Well, this is your chance as this compilation is dropping you off in multiple settings that you probably did not think to be finding yourself in!

It all starts with SARANA who comes at us like a low lying tiger that reaches slowly but surely towards its prey. In this case this must be us; clearly completely unaware with whatever it is that awaits when SARANA strikes. With the slippery ease of a snake and the industrialism of a mechanic on a respective job this comes closer and closer, probably smoothing out our awareness as it’s coming our way. Maybe the music is some kind of spray like poison, a seductive numb making material that paralyses our senses for the noises of SARANA to fully strike when we don’t expect it at all; through the killer act of a quick fade out!

Nur is up next, coming in like a bit of nature that had been hiding in the bushes ready to make sounds that we cannot see but all can guess about. It doesn’t take long or we hear bangs mixed with a voice and electric beeps that are smooth and hazed. The vocals and sound come across like a well executed bird of prey that had been hanging out in the back of the local gothic club in which everyone is either deceased or sedated on mystery meds. But don’t worry; Nur is there to nurse you with a drowning sensation that can be described as the music of a cold hearted killer with a heart. Not very long later it’s easy to picture Nur in the rain, sharping the nails to be ready to strike while also observing the scene of clubbers that try to go home through the early morning traffic ends. No blood will be shed yet, but who knows what will happen when the music ends and there is nothing to record the happenings.

Furchick is there to deliver Volta, a session in which we can lay our heads within a realm of ease. Listening to foamy sounds of comfort along with rustic elements of a attic or a basement full of things to turn and twist. It’s here that the inventor shows of the machines, crushing air and dust through wooden circles; all fairly abstract and yet completely satisfying to the ears. Things shake in kindly fashion, getting bolder and wilder like a windmill that slowly gets powered by a mild storm. When things get louder here it’s not a reason to hold onto your seat or wear a seatbelt; it’s best to let go and let yourself fly away in the realm that Furchick sets out; tumbling around weightlessly in the insides of the mill while grain bags pop and vocals whale like zooming bees that are happy to be in the place to be.

BAHV comes in with a darker tone. We might as well say it’s a nice tan to be spread on to the usual silence. It’s not at all the usual darkness though as there is room for melody, although it’s a bit faint and a bit like a feather dipped in oil; still enough to get towards your feelings. Truly poking around in the inner bits of the ears like a melancholic cocktail that you could sip for a long time without ever truly reaching the bottom of it all.

Tujuh Kuda comes to deliver us the music and sound of an unusual happening ‘the birth of a cyborg’. It’s one in which we are seated on the front row while the cyborg baby is assembled in front of our very own eyes, lovingly brought in to the world by it’s mechanic mother who has accumulated enough knowledge to showcase real feelings, emotions and shrieks of pure happiness. E can hear the little one being serenely created while the mother sings from her inner mechanics a joyful song of teary eyed happiness. It is good that the cyborg is clearly made out of material that can’t be rusty as otherwise the eyes might turn all brown from tears of beauty and emotion.

Natalia Beylis comes to do a session of fortune telling that will leaves a lot to the imagination. There are no words spoken but it’s easy to imagine the artist having all kinds of things gathered together on a table attributing to predicting the future. Pieces of magical papers are being written full with channeled messages, maybe some tarot cards have been in use, coffee cup left overs are being watched; all to get towards the right conclusions. It’s an busy session in which anyone can certainly imagine it being a serious hard job to read the fortune; but thanks to the sound of what sounds like a pouch of actual golden coins; the future might be actually bright and full enriching experiences.

Kat Whatley does some quality soundscape politics for our green ears, filling up the atmosphere with some kind of ambient adventure in which soundscapes of a variety of relaxed environments are presented including the fresh airs of the night that had come with them. Think of the ducks in the back, the cricket choirs, the flat with the open window and a deaf resident Individual inside who watches the television too loudly. It’s all like going on a vacation to a hot subtropical climate in which animals and insects are dominating the air in order to set a hot climate in audio form; it makes you feel all sweaty and with dripping armpits just by hearing it; but also excited and happy by being so easily tele transported through sound to an wonderful place on earth.

Abiboss also transports us to somewhere, but this isn’t the peaceful nightly place of somewhere hot; it’s more to a zone in which all the action lays. Think of a environment in which either disturbed ourang-outangs are living or perhaps some other kind of primates, clearly disturbed by our unwanted presence they go on a loud rampage that might make you want to wet yourself from potent fear and unique style of getting rid of the massiveness of the human ego. In this era you probably won’t survive while holding a banana; this is the habitat of their dominant noises, clearly ruling the scenery with a deviant taste to keep it that way. No intruders are tolerated and the whales of nature are worth to be experienced just so our selves can be humbled down by these sounds that might provoke you to shit yourself. A necessity that luckily is just the result of another incredible adventure of the mind on a amazing collection of mind stimulation experience that this compilation had to offer. It’s better and more real than any Hollywood movie has to offer, so please don’t hesitate to check it all out:

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3 Responses to Various Artists – Noise Bombing – Local Time | Green

  1. Linda says:

    What a lovely set of noisy noise to embrace the shitboringfekkingpeepzevvywhere environment after the bestest holiday I had in ages.

    Especially the last song got me all getting warm and cozy, so glad I got YIKIS to serve me soundscape sedatives whenever necessary (or uppers when there’s that nice end of the weekend feeling).

    Seriously, the holiday was ace and so is this noisy material!

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